10 Favorite Christmas Candies

10 Favorite Christmas Candies

Yesterday I shared with you my Must Make Christmas Cookies (see that post by clicking here) and told you this post was coming. Well, I just barely have time to get this up and out to you today because we are about to commence to making an awful lot of what you see pictured in this post! My son wants gifts to take to school and we have candy trays to make for for a few upcoming parties for folks.

So without further delay, here are my family’s Favorite Christmas Candies!

10 Favorite Christmas Candies

Grandmama’s Bon Bons

My Grandmama always made these. Read the story behind them and get the recipe by clicking the photo or title 🙂

10 Favorite Christmas Candies


Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Cinnabon – One Recipe, Countless Varieties! 

This is a simple recipe and once you see it, you’ll see how easy it is to switch up flavors. No fail fudge is just a click away!

10 Favorite Christmas Candies

Tiger Butter

This has become the most requested holiday treat from my kids! Creamy, fudge like confection that is so easy it only requires melting and stirring!

10 Favorite Christmas Candies

Christmas Candies

Need a lot of candy and a big variety but have very little time? This budget friendly recipe is your new best friend :).

10 Favorite Christmas Candies

 Sugar and Spice Pecans

 I love these things and hope one day my squirrels will save me a few pecans so I can make more. Perfect blend of sweet and cinnamon, just like you smell in the malls this time of year – only better because you made them!

10 Favorite Christmas Candies

Candied Peanuts

I started making these to give as gifts once pecans went up in price. I like to package them in those little clear party favor bags and tie them with pretty curled ribbons at the top. They are also really cute in mason jars.

10 Favorite Christmas Candies

Snow Capped Treat Bars

This is an over the top version of Rice Krispie treats, with a double dose of everything that makes them so good! Works with any type of cereal.

10 Favorite Christmas Candies

Cream Cheese Divinity

This is not traditional Southern Divinity but it is awfully good – and no fail!

10 Favorite Christmas Candies

Cream Cheese Mints

These precious little melt in your mouth mints only require a mixing bowl and shaping to come together. This has become my most popular Christmas post so far this year!

Potato candy plate

Old Fashioned Potato Candy 

This wonder candy is sold next to fudge in sweet shoppes around the Smoky Mountains. You’ve got to taste it to know why!

Whether you choose one or all of these recipes to make this Christmas Season, make sure you get your family into the kitchen with you and cook up some memories they’ll always treasure!



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  1. I took the Cream Cheese Divinity to a Church Christmas party tonight and they were such a hit – several folks said they liked them better than “real” divinity! Thanks Christy

  2. We’ve been making potato candy for years! I didn’t realize that other people made it too. I thought it was just a family recipe.

    1. We have always made this potato candy at Christmas time and I also thought it was just a family recipe since it came from my mother-in-law and I had not seen anyone else make them. If anyone has not tried these, please do. It’s wonderful and believe it or not, it does not taste like potatoes!

  3. Start with a “really” clean bowl and paddles. One little bitty drop of oil and you will be mixing from now to the new year. Trust me I know!

  4. Christy, I made your Choc. Chip Cloud Clusters. They turned out to be really good. However, I don’t know if I did the meringue correctly. I started beating the egg whites and beat them until they were bubbly and then added the sugar all at once. I must have beat those egg whites with my hand mixer on high it seemed like ten minutes. They never really got to what I would call stiff peaks, so I just added the choc. chips and baked them and hoped for the best. As I said, they are good, but I would like some feedback from you about how to prepare the meringue better. Any ideas from you would be appreciated. And BTW my husband likes them too. So mine were a happy accident. 😉 I will feel better about this cookie when I learn what is the correct way to make the meringue. Thanks, Christy. Barbara
    Also, I thought perhaps maybe I should have used my big KitchenAid to whip the eggs into meringue. You can see I am stumped about this.

    1. I have my egg whites at room temperature and I concur, your bowl and beaters must be CLEAN clean, not one little trace of oil or your meringue will fail. I have a Kitchenaid too and use the balloon whisk but made meringue for years with a hand mixer. I would go with the Kitchenaid.
      I beat the whites til they are a little foamy then add the sugar gradually, a little bit at a time. Just keep beating and you should get pretty, stiff peaks in a few minutes. I have heard of folks chilling the bowl and the beaters but that’s a little high maintenance for this old gal!

  5. The other day you posted about Spritz cookies and the cookie press you could buy at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby. Over the 60 years I have been baking I have tried many cookie presses and a lot of recipes and have had little success. I had a 50% coupon at Michael’s and purchased the Wilton Cookie Pro Ultra II that you suggested and used your recipe and they turned out really great. It was so easy, I know these will be on my cookie list every year from now on. Thanks

    1. I know to parch corn you use a dry cast skillet and stir the corn all the time until dried out. Suspect peanuts would be the same. You might spread out on a cookie sheet and dry roast in the oven, in either case you need to keep an eye on them as they are likely to go from nicely done to burntblack in seconds.

    2. My mom used to parch her peanuts on a cookie sheet in the oven. You can either put them on low heat and parch for awhile or watch carefully and put them on 350 degrees for a few minutes. Good luck!

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