Friday Gazette! Thanksgiving Recipes, Encouraging News, Coffee Chat, and More!

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I hope you’ve had a great week! I’m cooking a little mini Thanksgiving today for our Fellowship tomorrow so we’re really looking forward to that. Ricky and I are always so busy this time of year so we are looking forward to that one day we take off each week! I hope you have a wonderful weekend and get to enjoy some time with loved ones! 

In this gazette you’ll see my coffee chat from this morning and a note about future chats, some great recipes from myself and friends, a precious news story, and more. Thank you for letting me be a small part of your lives and thank you for being a big part of mine! 


Christy, Phil 1:12

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Encouraging One Another!

Most of y’all have probably seen the trailer for the movie about Mister Rogers that is coming out. I’m not a big movie person but I really want to see that one and I feel we as a country could use the positive influence I know it will offer. Well, this sweet story just melted my heart. Mister Roger’s precious widow went to visit a Pittsburg hospital maternity ward and the nurses dressed all the babies in cardigans, little brown pants, and crocheted booties made to look like Mister Roger’s iconic sneakers. How precious was that? I’m so grateful for the positive people in our world who manage to touch our hearts and lift our spirits simply by how they live their own lives. We are truly blessed. 

This week on Southern Plate

Thanksgiving is right around the corner! This week I shared:

If you’re planning on using these recipes for your Thanksgiving menu, I encourage you to print them out today. Thanksgiving day will bring over a million people to SouthernPlate and with this amount of traffic, the website could slow down some, so print them today to have whatever you need handy.

This Week’s Coffee Chat

Thank y’all for tuning into my coffee chats over on my big page. Each week they’ve become increasingly awkward for me because I’m speaking on a public page and they have become more and more focused on Faith. Why is this awkward? Because I try to keep in mind that I’m not in the fellowship group (most people are there for recipes) but essentially, I’m speaking to the group. As a result, I feel the conversation has been a bit stilted.
Today, though, as I was filming, it occurred to me, “Why don’t I just do these in the group? Instead of here?” And so that is what I plan on doing going forward.
Future coffee chats will take place exclusively in the Front Porch Fellowship. I will share them in my Gazette on Fridays but you can only watch them live in the group. Thank you for allowing me to do these! 

Recipes from Friends

This week I’m sharing two delicious recipe from friends! 


Easy Turkey Chocolate Krispy Treats from Cooking with Carlee

and Cherry Nut Cake from Cooking with K

From My Instagram


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THANK YOU for being here. Be blessed and be a blessing! 

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  1. I moved to the Midwest (WI) several years ago and still miss the south. Thank you so much for the delicious southern recipes that you send your subscribers. I really miss the cornbread dressing at the Holiday meals. Thanks again.

  2. Love all your recipes and have never tried one that wasn’t great. Love to try them out on my church family as well as my husband. They always give me rave review thanks and tell me what a good cook I am. Christy you deserve the praise and not me since most of what I take for them to try comes from you. I love that they are also easy and well within my budget to be able to share. I also can get fed spiritualty every time I visit your site. Love you and all you do!

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