I’m Blue Thanks To Ball Canning – and YOU Could Be, Too! *GIVEAWAY*

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I'm Blue Thanks To Ball Canning - and YOU Could Be, Too! *GIVEAWAY*
OH MY GOODNESS! My heart leapt when I had these all lined up for their photo shoot because blue Ball Canning jars are just some of the most beautiful things in the world to me! I was thrilled a few years back when they came out with the blue pint jars, and have enjoyed the annual color since (green, then purple), but when I found out that this year they were bringing in blue in more sizes, it was like Christmas in springtime. Ball asked if I’d like to get my hands on any of their new products and they were nice enough to send me the collection. Quart Jars, Wide Mouth Pints, and even Half Pints!

Oh, I’m getting ahead of myself, let me show you all of the new additions real quick…. (Psst, five people will get to pick any one of the new items to be sent to them…)

I'm Blue Thanks To Ball Canning - and YOU Could Be, Too! *GIVEAWAY*

So this is everyone! Pictured, left to right (and kinda on top) are:

· Pour & Measure Cap: The #2 use for mason jars outside of canning is storage. With the new Ball® Pour & Measure Cap, both dry goods and liquids can be stored and measured with ease.

· Super-Wide Mouth Half Gallon Jar: The new Ball® Super-Wide Mouth Half Gallon Jar is the perfect vessel for flour, sugar, cookies and more, made with a push-top lid for ideal pantry storage and designed to give you easier access to the contents of your jar.
· Collection Elite Colored Series Jars: For the first time, the Ball® brand has introduced a line of never-before released blue jars in three sizes: Regular Mouth Half Pint, Wide Mouth Pint and Wide Mouth Quart.

· Collection Elite Design Series Jam Jar: Discontinued in 2006, the Ball® Collection Elite® Design Series Jam Jar is back this year by popular demand!

Not Pictured: a set of lids and bands in metallic blue to match the blue jars!

Is it canning season yet?

Now I gotta tell you, I am a jar junkie, but my most common use of these jars is as drinking glasses.

glasses in cabinet
Especially with all of the colors, they are so pretty to look at and incredibly practical. I also love that they double as measuring cups whenever I am baking since there are measurements right on the side of each one. I had a Biscuit and Gravy class recently and just passed out pint jars for folks to use to measure out their milk – handy!

I'm Blue Thanks To Ball Canning - and YOU Could Be, Too! *GIVEAWAY*
Here is a close up of the other accessories: Pour cap, half gallon jar, and the back-by-popular demand jam jar.

I'm Blue Thanks To Ball Canning - and YOU Could Be, Too! *GIVEAWAY*
Here is that Pour Cap lid, with measurements inside. So if you kept, say, rice or such in that jar all you’d have to do is remove the lid, pour using the pour spout into the lid, measure, and use.

I'm Blue Thanks To Ball Canning - and YOU Could Be, Too! *GIVEAWAY*
And now we’ve come full circle, back to these gorgeous blue babies.

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  1. What? What? I feel so left out in rural Canada. I have to do my canning in a used boot. The hot peppers don’t seem to mind.

  2. I could think of many uses for these jars beside canning. I could use them a lot of ways that I am cooking. If you want a rhyme I would say I love blue, so I would love you. For green I would be the envy.

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