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My Faith Statement


The goal of my Fellowship Group (discerned through much prayer) is to help us all grow closer to the Father through daily reading of His Word.

However, it is only natural that some would be curious as to my personal faith so I thought I’d provide a little info on that.

I am a Believer. I am saved by the Grace of YHWH through faith in my precious Messiah, His son.

The Messiah is my ultimate example of how to live and so I study the Word of God and follow His example as closely as I am able.

I see the whole bible as relevant and wholly applicable to our lives today and I am excited to be able to read it each day as the Father leads us to grow in knowledge of Him and in deeper relationship with Him.

We (my husband and I) are not a member of any denomination. Growing up, I went to mostly Baptist churches and Ricky and I were active members of a non denominational church until several years ago. We now study the Bible on our own, together, with our family, and several times a month we meet with a group of like minded Believers who have a heart and desire to study the Word. 

We (all the members of this group) are each on an individual path, laid out by our Father, and my goal is not to get you to walk the path I am on –
but to encourage you on your own path. 

We may do some things differently, and from time to time we may read the same text and see different things there, but we are of one accord in many things and we are all family, sharing the same wonderful Father. 

If you have other questions about what I believe, I encourage you to join us as we study the Word together as I’m not the standard – but He certainly is!

May YHWH bless the reading of His word!


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  1. Heather says

    I would love to hear the story of how you came to leave your non denominational church for something (to me, at least) much richer, and more closely resembling the first century church. We were at a non denominational church for many, many years and loved it but found ourselves yearning for something more, something different. What you describe as your current “church” model with family study and gathering with like minded believers sounds wonderful but just not sure how to find that.

    • says

      I don’t think it is something you can find, I think it is something the Father brings you to. It was a journey of a few years to get to where we are now. It began when the Father arose in us a hunger for His Word – straight, undiluted, without fog machines and concerts. We began just reading the Bible, from the beginning. In doing that, we started seeing that a lot of what we had in terms of faith was inherited religion, inherited knowledge. We realized that we had not taken the serious responsibility, which was entirely on us, to diligently study and know His word. And so we set out to do that. We tested what we thought we knew against what He says and we let go of what did not prove true and clung to what did. Over time, through a series of events that only He could have possibly brought about, we slowly met likeminded people and a community was formed.
      John 1:1 says “In the beginning was the Word…”
      And our beginning began with the Word. Dedicating ourselves to reading it has changed everything.

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