Slow Cooker Coke Chicken ~#1 On My List Of “Things I like to toss in the crock pot.”


I'm getting ready for Apple Week this weekend, preparing some last minute apple recipe tutorials and getting posts written up and queued for this and my other blog for, so we're having a bit of a slow weekend. I wanted to post my mother's tutorial on Buttermilk Cornbread, but she isn't home right now and I'm missing a few photographs I need. So, in honor of our Slow Cooker Giveaway ... Continue Reading

Coca Cola Cake ~Oh So Good!~


If you're familiar with Coca Cola cake, just seeing the title had you scrolling down to make sure you had the ingredients to make it today. If you're not familiar with Coca Cola cake, allow me to offer a brief introduction (because you need to hurry up and make this cake!). We love our Coca Cola. After all, Coke is a southern product! It was invented in Atlanta, just a few hours from where I ... Continue Reading

Finding Southern Flavors In Canada : Poutine Comes Home!


About two years ago, I had an opportunity to visit Canada. I had a wonderful time, met some great people, had delicious food, and learned two things about Canadians. One is that they are very nice people! Seriously, they were the biggest group of nice folks I had ever encountered outside of my own stomping grounds. I can't imagine feeling as welcome anywhere else as I was in Canada (I really ... Continue Reading

Raisin Bran Muffins – Ready When You Are!


I am a morning person. I love to get up early, especially while everyone else is still asleep. I slip into the kitchen and put the coffee on, then pour some into my favorite cup and curl up in the recliner where the only light I turn on is the dim glow of my laptop as I check the news and usually work on a post or two for one of my blogs. If I get up early enough, and am lucky enough, this can ... Continue Reading

Peach Preserves That Will Knock Your Socks Off – And you won’t believe how easy they are!


What do Southerners love more than their Mamas and their biscuits? Good things to put on our biscuits, of course!!! We top these light and fluffy creations with numerous things. Molasses, honey, chocolate gravy, fresh butter, assorted meats and cheeses, jellies, jams, and the ever wonderful preserves. Homemade preserves are quite possibly the perfect compliment to the southern biscuit. My great ... Continue Reading

Country Casserole


In my family, if you die, get sick, have a car accident, have a baby, have a potluck, have a family reunion, have a picnic, get bad news, get hungry, or get last minute dinner guests...You get a Country Casserole! This is our standard family casserole. It shows up everywhere! Why? Because we love it! This casserole is quick, easy, filling, great tasting, an inexpensive way to feed a crowd, a ... Continue Reading

Athens, Alabama Mayor Dan Williams Recalls His Southern Table


Athens, Alabama is one of those rare close knit communities full of folks always happy to make room for one (or one hundred) more at the dinner table. Despite the ever growing population and expanding enterprise in this friendly city, Athens has still managed to maintain the hometown feel and is quick to adopt into our family any and all newcomers who decide to make their home here. Still, ... Continue Reading

Cheesy Hash Brown Casserole


I was up at five thirty this morning doing a tutorial for Apple Week. Note to self: No more tutorials before seven a.m.! Just wait til you see it, i didn't realize how asleep I was until after! I've been working on Apple Week posts here and there, making sure I will have enough done to post a new one each day. I may run it simultaneously on my other blog as well but I haven't decided if I am ... Continue Reading

♥ Mandarin Orange Cake ♥


You know how its a good thing children are so cute at times because it keeps you from killing them in their developing years? There are times when a parent needs a little insurance as well, especially during those teen years, where it wouldn't hurt us to endear ourselves a little more from time to time to our spawn. If you happen to have a teenager casting heated glances your way, perhaps you ... Continue Reading

Win A Hamilton Beach 3 in 1 SLOW COOKER!


ONE LUCKY SOUTHERN PLATE READER IS GOING TO GET A FREE 3 IN 1 SLOW COOKER FROM THE GOOD FOLKS ATHAMILTON BEACH!Most of you have seen my slow cooker featured in recipes on Southern Plate. I’ve actually gotten several emails regarding it. What brand is it? Where did you get it? Do you like it? Well folks, it is a Hamilton Beach. My husband got it for me for Mother’s Day after I begged, pleaded, and ... Continue Reading