Family Adventure Day- Belvidere, TN *GIVEAWAY*


Winners have been chosen in this giveaway, please see below and thank you! Family Adventure Day Builds Stronger Families Several months back we were about at our wits end with stress and work and we needed to get away. Going on an overnight trip usually wasn't an option due to the expense and responsibilities at home and so we decided to declare the day a "Family Adventure Day" and took ... Continue Reading

Janice’s Stuffed Peppers


I've been on a real dinner kick lately in the recipes I've been bringing you, which can only mean one thing: I'm about to get on a dessert kick for a while! You know, more organized bloggers would bring you a meal idea, followed by a dessert idea, followed by a bread and so on. However, I've never been able to honestly apply the word "organized" to myself in any area of my life so I just go with ... Continue Reading

Today’s Post: Our Best Pancakes, Attitude, & Mules


Today I'm bringing you our very favorite recipe for pancakes. My husband and kids have declared these the best pancakes on earth and I have to agree that they are the best I've personally ever had, mostly thanks to buttermilk being one of the primary ingredients! I hope you'll get a chance to try and enjoy them soon. But first, my tangent. Sit back and get comfy, I got my soap box out for this ... Continue Reading

Tender Roast and Veggies – We’re Movin’ On Up!


Have you ever sat back and thought of what you would do differently if you ever came into some serious money? Mama used to do that a lot when we were little. She'd talk about how, if she ever won the lottery, she'd buy us all a house and a new car for each person. She never talked about anything for herself, she just wanted to be able to do more for us. I'm not sure when I started thinking of ... Continue Reading

Homemade Dirty Rice & A Tale Of No Refunds


We had an interesting start to a wonderful weekend. With both my birthday and Valentines so close together, I decided to surprise my family by renting a large cabin in the Smoky Mountains. I invited my brother and sister in law, their two children, and my mother and father in law for a big old Southern family getaway. To make it even more special, we kept it a secret from the kids and I spent ... Continue Reading

Jordan Cinnamon Love Knots – Take Pride In Your Laziness!


Valentine's day at my house is all about family. Just as my mother before me, I like to cook a special meal for my kids and our traditional meal has become heart shaped meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and cinnamon love knots. It may not sound romantic but it sure does sound like home and what could encompass more love than that? Now since I posted that menu last year and it doesn't change, I thought ... Continue Reading

Valentine Cupcake Toppers – Southern Plate Kids Video!


My kids and I love to do Valentine crafts so this year we made a video for you and the special kids in your life of a quick, easy, and fun Valentine cupcake topper that you can make together. I used boxed cake mix for my cupcakes and homemade butter cream icing but you can just as easily use store bought icing, too! It's not about making it from scratch so much as it is spending the time together ... Continue Reading

Spicy Cheeseburger Dip – Football Food!


Alright y'all, don't let this get around but I don't actually watch football. The reason I say don't let that get around is that you know any Southerner who doesn't consider themselves to be a fan of such a sacred sport stands a serious chance of losing their citizenship card and being deported. Fortunately, I can redeem myself to all of the football fans with the following statement: "I LOVE ... Continue Reading

Mama’s Milk Dunkin’ M & M Cookies For Valentines (Old Fashioned Recipe!)


These are my brother's favorite cookies and consequently, the ones I remember Mama making the most growing up. Unlike many of today's cookies, these have a good crunch to them along with a pure flavor brought about by the vanilla and making them absolutely perfect for dunking in milk. Absolutely perfect. Divine. Sublime. Wonderful. I really, really, really want you to make these and have them with ... Continue Reading

Southern Plate Cookbook Update!


This sign was sent to be yesterday by Andrew Malcolm to congratulate me on finishing the book. It was made online but BOY did it make my day with a round of giggles! This morning I turned in the manuscript for the Southern Plate Cookbook which is being published by Harper Studios, a division of Harper Collins. The book is a combination of stories, classic Southern recipes, and some of the most ... Continue Reading