Make Your Own Butter (Without a Cow)


When I was a girl, my mother was a saint. I was one of those children who talked contantly (Never saw that one coming, huh) and was always right up on her with questions and endless conversation. I can't ever remember a time, even now, when I haven't been trying to figure the world out, finding some new angle almost daily to view it through and gain a better understanding of the whys and what-fors ... Continue Reading

YUM Recipes for Memorial Day


Ready for Memorial Day? Here are a few recipes to help give you a head start! Be sure and visit where you can browse through over 500 more recipes I've posted! Hope you have a wonderful weekend and remember, it's not the food but the faces around the table that make the meal memorable. :) Gratefully, Christy With Memorial day coming up, Here is a simple cake with a story of ... Continue Reading

Mama’s Potato Cakes


This is a recipe I've wanted to bring you for almost three years but am just now getting to it today. The reason I have waited so long for Mama to do this post is because nobody makes potato cakes like my Mama :). These things are so good they're almost sacred. Knowing how much I love hers, I wanted her to be able to show you how she does it. Here is what she says about them: This was my Mama ... Continue Reading

My Southern Living Quick Fix Supper Video: King Ranch Chicken


I hope you'll enjoy this week's Quick Fix Supper Video from Southern Living! To get the recipe, be sure and click here to visit the Southern Living Quick Fix Suppers Page "Greeting the morning with a positive attitude gives you the upper hand all day long!" ~Joyce Meyer Submit your uplifting quote or view hundreds of others by clicking here. ... Continue Reading

Strawberry Pecan Bread – MMM MMM GOOD!


I had a great time at QVC this past weekend and want to thank everyone who tuned in to watch! I have never seen a more organized television station in all of my life, those folks have it down to an exact science! Everyone is so nice, too, you could not ask for a friendlier group of people. I gave David multiple hugs for you all, just as I promised I would! David Venable is the nicest man. I know ... Continue Reading

My Video Debut on! *Giveaway*


Don't miss a single post - Subscribe by e-mail (It's FREE!) This contest is now closed, thank you for entering and please go ahead and read this post so you don't miss out on the video debut! Congratulations to: Sylvia Faye, Cathy Hooks, Frankie Niedorf, Sheila Dewey, Debbie Cowger, Robin Bolen, Alicia Craft, Kat of Kats daily inspiration, Martha Morefield, and Kelly Watson. I've emailed ... Continue Reading

Special Mother’s Day for Tornado Families


Some photos from the Mother's Day Event we put together for the victims of the Alabama Tornadoes Our event was held at the Monrovia Community Center, while the parents had a meeting outside with local officials and experts in disaster relief and claims. There were a LOT of folks in attendance We had all sorts of volunteers come to help. This is a girl scout troop and after seeing them ... Continue Reading

Grandmama’s Orange Supreme Cake


Don't miss a single post - Subscribe by e-mail (It's FREE!) This is one of my Grandmother Lucy's favorite cakes so she often has it sitting under a dome on her counter whenever folks come to visit. It is very moist and flavorful, just the right thing for a hot summer's day or a picnic. Grandmama was a career woman, working as a secretary for Morton Thiokol where she met my beloved ... Continue Reading

Hamburger Steaks (Oh yum!)


Don't miss a single post - Subscribe by e-mail (It's FREE!) Growing up, we always loved Mama's hamburger steaks. There was nothing like coming home and smelling the onions bubbling in there with the generous hamburger steak patties and knowing we were in for a hearty and delicious supper. I liked mine with extra onions, my sister liked hers without any at all, and Daddy liked whatever Mama ... Continue Reading

My new series on! *GIVEAWAY!*

Photography by Robbie Caponetto

Congratulations to the following (names and part of their email addresses included): Mitchi (mvn), Patricia (choirlady), Angel (dadul), JoAnn (oceanmist). They were chosen at random to win the Southern Living Cookbook giveaway! Thanks to everyone for joining in and watching the preview of my new Quick Fix Suppers Series! I'm excited to announce that I'll be hosting Southern Living's ... Continue Reading