Sugar and Spice Pecans


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Sweet Potato Creme Brûlée


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Easy Candied Sweet Potatoes


If you're looking for Grandmama's Sweet Potato Casserole, please click here.  Hey Everyone! This is Christy's Mama. She's having a photo shoot today and tomorrow at her house so I thought I'd chime in with one of my recipes while she works on that. If you are looking for a wonderful, old-fashioned, mouth watering, easy and quick Thanksgiving side, look no further!  Here it is and so easy. ... Continue Reading

Apple Bacon Stuffed Pork Chops


If you enjoy this recipe and are on Facebook or Pinterest, I'd sure love it if you could use one of those buttons above! Apple Bacon Stuffed Pork Chops Recipe At Bottom I am so excited to share with you a special recipe from my column in this issue of Taste of the South Magazine! In each issue, I share with you a story from my life, reminisces of days gone by, and an entire collection of ... Continue Reading

Last Minute Green Beans – and Pretending to Let Go


  In the continual search for something green to add to our meals, this is a great quick and easy recipe that makes canned green beans delicious. I say this with surprise because, until I made them this way, there was nothing more un-delicious to me than canned green beans. I usually only served green beans when I had time to fry up bacon and make them sweet and sour style. I was ... Continue Reading

Heritage Hints From Mama: Frozen Fruit Cups and Guilty Pleasures


Hey Everyone! It's Mama again. I thought I'd stop by for a little visit and to encourage you to think about something that's been on my heart lately. Do you have a little guilty pleasure that you reward yourself with?  Everyone needs something that they do for themselves.  People, especially women and moms, do so much for their families and co-workers that sometimes, they forget to do ... Continue Reading