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Taste of the South Magazine

  I'm loving every minute of being Contributing Editor for Taste of the South Magazine. A lot of folks have had a hard time finding issues with my full menu of recipes because they are selling out so quickly, so I wanted to offer you a great way to subscribe - and give subscriptions as gifts, too! Taste of the South celebrates the heritage of the South and invites readers to enjoy ... Continue Reading

Christmas Card & Menu 2012 (over 70 Recipe Links)

christmas card 2012 front

Please leave your Christmas Wishes for the Southern Plate family in the comments section on this post! Thank you!  MERRY CHRISTMAS!  I hope you are having a wonderful holiday and I hope you all have an abundance of Christmas in your heart! I wanted to send you our Christmas card and share with you what I'll be serving on Christmas day when my parents, my in laws, and some dear friends come ... Continue Reading

Finding where you need to be on your Christmas “To do” list


Hello everyone, This is Christy's mama. I wanted to take a few minutes to sit and visit with you on this exciting week leading up to Christmas. I hope you are organized and right on time with all your Christmas plans. Or, you may be more like the rest of us. We all start out with the best laid plans. By this time of the season, we had hoped to have all the gifts purchased and wrapped, all of ... Continue Reading

How to Host a Girlfriends Cookie Exchange

This is our Christmas card from 2010, oh how the kids have grown!

For many people, Christmas conjures up thoughts of shopping and presents, decorating and special television shows. For me, though, one of my fondest memories from my childhood and the thing I can’t wait to get to each year, is baking with my mother.   Since this is one of my favorite memories, it’s one I look forward to passing down most each year now that I have children of my own. I ... Continue Reading

Mama and Sue’s Microwave Divinity


If you have Pinterest or Facebook and could use one of the buttons above I'd really appreciate it! :) ; I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed reading all of your precious comments on the story I wrote for my Tiger Butter post, thank you! I've answered many of them and hope to have time to sit and answer all them soon. For now though, I'm buzzing around doing Mama and Christmas things and I ... Continue Reading

Tiger Butter – and why I already have my Christmas


If you're on Pinterest or Facebook and could use one of the buttons above, I'd really appreciate it! Thanks! Today's recipe for Tiger Butter is a form of almond bark that my children absolutely love. We first had it at Swiss Pantry in Belvedere, Tennessee (If you're ever near there, stop and buy anything at all and it will taste wonderful!). This bark isn't quite as sweet as regular bark and ... Continue Reading

Simple Spritz Cookies


Be sure and read a special message at the bottom of this post - and if you're on Pinterest or Facebook and could use one of those buttons above, I'd surely appreciate it! If you have never made Spritz cookies before, you may not realize that these gorgeous little cookies, with all of their different shapes and colors, are some of the quickest and easiest Christmas cookies you can make.  You may ... Continue Reading

Quick Gingerbread Party Muffins


While I recover from my adventures in the Dominican Republic (which means catch up on laundry and take care of a flu riddled family), I thought I'd bring you a quick and easy idea to decorate my pumpkin muffins (which require only three ingredients to make!) for a party or Christmas get together.... Or just to impress your kids. Because it is important to impress our kids whenever possible ... Continue Reading

Christmas Tie Dyed Cheesecake Brownies


If you're on Pinterest or Facebook, I'd love it if you could use one of the buttons above! Thank you :) Aren't these brownies gorgeous? They taste even better! The best thing about these little beauties though, is how easy they are to whip up. You can start with homemade brownie batter but I just use a boxed mix, then mix up the cream cheese batter and you're good to go! These add a fun touch to ... Continue Reading

My Dominican Republic Trip with Operation Christmas Child


I'm home safe and sound from this amazing trip. Due to my family having the flu when I came home, I'll be updating this post later in the week with photos and more stories of my experience. If you'd like to read about my trip to Ecuador earlier this year with OCC, please click here. Sunday I leave tomorrow afternoon for the Dominican Republic to visit kids there and hand out shoeboxes of ... Continue Reading