Six Meals To A Marriage Proposal


Disclaimer #1: This post was meant in humor, y'all need to know that upfront. I ran it by several of the wonderful men who read Southern Plate to make sure they would take it that way as well and it passed with flying colors. I think men have a much greater sense of humor than we give them credit for sometimes. After all, they do have to live with us-Bless their hearts! Disclaimer #2: This isn't ... Continue Reading

Let’s Talk Burgers


Growing up, I loved hamburger night at my house. Mama made thick, juicy burgers in a skillet and served them with big ol' french fries and enough ketchup to drown the whole shabang in. Alright, so I was the one adding the flood of  ketchup but it set the whole meal off perfectly in my mind. On nights when we didn't have buns, she'd just serve the patties topped with sauteed onion slices (which she ... Continue Reading

The Zucchini Bread That Brought My Son Into The World


My Grandaddy was a prolific gardener. He had a huge lot behind his house in Huntsville that just seemed to produce on his command. Of course, what seemed effortless to those of us who enjoyed the fruits of his labors surely took hours each day for him to be able to cultivate and care for, but it was a hobby he was passionate about and it showed. I only wish I had of taken an interest in ... Continue Reading

Chocolate Velvet Cake With Cream Cheese Icing (And why you are a good Mama if your cake is ugly)


I try to teach optimism to my kids. I've always felt that teaching children the benefits of a positive attitude is a vital lesson which will benefit them the rest of their lives. I tell them, “Each day when you wake up, you have a choice. You can have a good day or you can have a bad day, so you might as well have a good one.” Even at their young ages, they know there is always a brighter side - ... Continue Reading



I'm gonna warn y'all up front that this recipe is a bit on the high maintenance side. Now any of you who know me know this is not my norm. I don't have the time or the attention span to dilly dally over something I'm gonna put on the table. It has nothing to do with skill, just lack of will :). When it comes to Tiramisu though, I have to give in from time to time due to my sheer adoration of ... Continue Reading

Another $500 Winner From Crystal Light!


Congratulations to Micha for winning the random drawing in the $500 giveaway! Thank you all for participating and thanks to for giving me a means of picking a random winner! Mimi, I'm sending you an email with instructions on how to get your address to me! Thank you, Crystal light! I've had a GREAT week drinking more water! The difference is pretty profound, both in my ... Continue Reading

Cat Head Drop Biscuits – And How Your Mama Did It Just Right


This is a recipe that is always considered a treat at my house, met with the same zeal as a dessert even though it is just a bread. A variation on my Mama's hoe cake, she often mixed up the same batter and made drop biscuits instead. When I first served hoe cake to my in laws, hot from the oven with generous helpings of homemade apple butter, they declared it a hit. They loved the crispy outer ... Continue Reading

Fried Catfish


I'm not a big seafood person. Beyond fried catfish, I have never even given seafood a fighting chance. We never had it in our home and I've never ordered it at a restaurant. The reasoning for this is really a simple one: Other than catfish, my mother was not a seafood person. When your mama don't like it, don't nobody get it! My mother's grandfather was a very superstitious man and back in the ... Continue Reading

Pledge To Drink More Water With Me For A Chance At $500 from Crystal Light!


Life isn't slowing down for anyone. My own life seems to have the fast forward button permanently pushed in and with trying to keep up with work, my house, and the ever blossoming social life of my kids, most mornings it seems like my day has started without me and I have to hit the ground running just to avoid being left in the dust. Since we can't slow our lives down (I'm gonna assume you ... Continue Reading

Come On In! ~A visit to Bountiful~


Today I thought I'd invite you into my kitchen and home here at Bountiful. There are so many of my personal treasures that I want to share with you and I am honored that you are taking the time to allow me to. Bountiful has been a wonderful dream come true for all of us and I've taken care to fill it with things I love. Of course, we have to begin at the beginning. Anyone knows that the nucleus ... Continue Reading