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Life isn’t slowing down for anyone. My own life seems to have the fast forward button permanently pushed in and with trying to keep up with work, my house, and the ever blossoming social life of my kids, most mornings it seems like my day has started without me and I have to hit the ground running just to avoid being left in the dust.

Since we can’t slow our lives down (I’m gonna assume you have all tried just as I have!), our other option is to try to be in our best form. One of the key ways to do this is also one that is so simple it is often completely overlooked – especially by folks like me who have a habit of grabbing a drink from the fridge and paying little attention to how many tin cans pass through my hands during the course of the day. Ready for it?




Seriously, it can be that easy. Need more motivation? These figures made me really sit back and think:

50-75% of our bodies are made up of water

Blood is 95% water

Skin is 70% water

Our brain is made up of 75-80% water

(THAT’S where all my brain cells have been going, they’ve been dying of thirst!)

~blinks and picks her jaw up off the floor~

Wow. Please hold while I go drink a glass and issue a formal apology to my body…

Did you also know that being dehydrated (which I can pretty much guarantee I am right now) can cause joint pain, lethargy, and irritability? Drinking enough water can help eliminate all of these problems and add more benefits such as improved concentration, too! It’s simple really, our bodies function on water, rely on water, and when we don’t give them enough water we can hit some substantial ruts.

So why don’t we drink enough water? Well I have one complaint about water. It tastes like…umm…water. Seriously. Can you get more blah?

This is where Crystal Light comes in. ~smiles brightly~

I’ve been a Crystal Light drinker ever since it first came out. That was back when Linda Evans did the commercials (We followed Dynasty, too). Honestly, Crystal Light is about the only time I do drink water, but I still haven’t been drinking enough – not by a long shot. Did you know, though, that people who drink Crystal Light ended up drinking an average of 20% more water than folks who just drank their water plain?

At this point in my life, I could use a little high performance and I think drinking more water might be just the boost I need to help me accomplish my goal of feeding the world homemade banana pudding.

So for the next week, here’s the drill










Come on in, the waters fine!

Join me in pledging to drink more water.

Leave a comment below with your own pledge for a chance to win

a $500 Visa Gift Card from Crystal Light!

After you make your pledge, join me back here next week to read about

my progress and tell me about yours for a chance to win another $500

dollar Visa Gift Card!

It has been a pleasure bringing you this post, sponsored by Crystal Light.

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  1. I have a medical condition which causes me to dehydrate quickly, coupled with a medicine for another condition to help me get rid of excess fluid, it is essential for me to drink lots of water every day. I really feel it the next day if I don’t drink enough.

    In fact, my father drinks Crystal Lite Lemonaide to prevent kidney stones!

    Well, I’m off to finish drinking my glass of Kiwi-Strawberry flavored water!

  2. Have you ever tried to drink crystal light mixed in with tap water? It doesn’t taste that great. I went out looking for a really great water filtration device that would make drinking water have less of a metallic taste. I would suggest Bauer Energy Design’s water filtration program. Has so many unexpected health benefits and no bio film. It’s worth considering.

  3. Crystal Light is the satisfying sweet treat while dieting that makes each of the required 64 oz of h20 somthing to look forward to!

  4. We find Crystal light to be refreshing hydration for the Dog Days of Summer! and any other time we need a water break too!

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