Meet The Photographer Behind My Book & More!


“I’ve been testing these recipes in my own kitchen and every single one turns out to be better than anything my Grandmother ever made.  Don’t just buy this terrific book, use it!” ~New York Times bestselling author, Dorothea Benton Frank To pre order your copy of the cookbook that YOU helped happen, click on the cover below! GUESS WHAT? Miss Frank was talking about OUR SOUTHERN ... Continue Reading

Basil Corn – YOUR Life Through Rainbow Glasses!

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A few years back I picked up a magazine and read the most amazing article about the most amazing person. A woman who'd left her life in the big city to return home to Alabama and buy her own creamery. She began a stunningly successful venture that has earned accolades and awards in abundance. The photo showed her walking in a field among goats. It was beautiful, just looking at it made my heart ... Continue Reading

Old Timey Butter Roll Dessert


One of the things I enjoy doing above all others on Southern plate is taking those lost and nearly-lost recipes of days gone by and posting them in hopes of bringing them back from the brink of extinction. This is especially important to me in preserving our food heritage because our most cherished recipes were never written down, instead passed from cook to cook by showing them along with ... Continue Reading

Flat Christy visits HAWAII~ Pasta Fresca with Parmesan Encrusted Chicken!

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Flat Christy returned earlier this week in a box filled with goodies! She had a miniature lei wrapped around her neck and a big silly grin on her face. After seeing all of the beautiful pictures and reading about her adventures with the Green family in Hawaii, I'm kinda surprised she came back at all! They were kind enough to share a delicious recipe with us in addition to opening their homes to ... Continue Reading

Wanna see the Southern Plate Cookbook before anyone else?


Today, I'm so excited to bring you an EXCLUSIVE sneak peek at the cover and the inside of my cookbook before anyone else sees it! Southern Plate: Classic Comfort Food That Makes Everyone Feel Like Family Some amazingly talented people have worked very hard on this book and I want to give special thanks to the photography team and my wonderful publishers at Harper Collins! Today I'm also going ... Continue Reading

Apple Cream Cheese Cobbler from Bill Gent!


  I'm thrilled and grateful to bring you a guest blog post by everyone's favorite Southern Plater, Bill Gent. I first "met" Bill not long after I started Southern Plate and we took up like peas and carrots right from the start (I'm the cute little pea and he calls me sis!). He's just another dear friend I have made as a result of getting to know all of y'all and yet another reason I am grateful ... Continue Reading

Fast Italian Cucumber Salad


With the onset of Spring, I' m just itching for fresh food and sunshine. It's a little early for produce from my own garden but thanks to the marvels of our modern grocery stores, I can get all I need to whip up this salad in a jiff. This serves as a delicious side dish bursting with garden flavor and can be kept in the refrigerator for several days. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. ... Continue Reading

Fresh Strawberry Cake With Cream Cheese Icing


I put a little video of me chatting with y'all at the bottom of this post. If you're new here, WELCOME TO THE FAMILY! I'd love to have you subscribe by email and please feel free to chat with the rest of the family in the comments section! I’ve had strawberries on the brain lately. This time of year, the prices have gone down and they are so inexpensive that you can purchase whatever you ... Continue Reading

Mama’s Taco Casserole


I have longed to bring you this casserole ever since I started Southern Plate. Longed. Yearned. Ached. Why haven't I? Because of two reasons: 1. It's kinda ugly 2. The ingredients are weird. In fact, there is one really odd ingredient (in my opinion) but don't worry, no one will have a clue that its in there, they'll just wonder how you got your casserole so incredibly flavorful and ... Continue Reading

Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies – How To be The BEST _____ Ever!


Welcome to Southern Plate! Sure is great to have you here! Be sure and visit my FAQ page and if you enjoy the site, you can subscribe by email to get even more Southern Plate goodness! I received the most lofty praise I could ever hope for yesterday. Deciding I hadn't made cookies in a while, I whipped up a batch for my kiddies to have as an afternoon treat. Katy Rose took one bite and said ... Continue Reading