Vinegar Slaw


Are you hot enough yet? Join me this week as I bring you an entire menu for the fourth of July that doesn’t require an oven or a grill! Subscribe by email so you don’t miss a post! Gratefully, Christy There is no telling how many different kinds of slaw there are in the world but most of what I've seen during  my time is coleslaw and vinegar slaw. Today, in order for you to be able to make the ... Continue Reading

Southern Style Pulled Pork BBQ- Slow Cooker Recipe


Are you hot enough yet? Join me this week as I bring you an entire menu for the fourth of July that doesn't require an oven or a grill! Subscribe by email so you don't miss a post! Gratefully, Christy First of all, let me start this by stating that there is no such thing as bad barbecue! Whatever barbecue you have in your region, whatever barbecue is your favorite, whatever barbecue you think ... Continue Reading

Jordans Visit House-Autry Mills & Our Biggest Giveaway EVER!

HouseAutry Gift Basket

Thank you so much for entering this giveaway! The contest is now closed. Winners will be announced here soon! You know what I love most about life in general? Meeting good people. As far as I'm concerned the only thing better than meeting good people is meeting an entire company of good people. That's just what I found when I traveled with my family to beautiful North Carolina to spend some time ... Continue Reading

Eggless & Easy Peach Ice Cream


I've had a lot of folks ask for ice cream recipes lately so today I wanted to bring you one of the easiest ones around, with only three ingredients! The great thing about this ice cream is how incredibly low maintenance and customizable it is. Add in your favorite flavored carbonated drink and fruit of your choice (or leave the fruit out entirely), mix it all up with the other ingredient and ... Continue Reading

Velveeta Bowtie Pasta Salad


What do you plan on cooking on the 4th? I'd love to hear your menu in the comments section and its a great opportunity for everyone to get more ideas, too! Today I'm bringing you a quick and easy recipe I developed for Velveeta that would be a great side dish for your July 4th or any other summer meal! I hope you enjoy the video and the recipe that follows. Thank you so much for being the very ... Continue Reading

Frozen Chocolate Covered Bananas


I'm about to get on my soap box today but before I do that I'm gonna tell you a little about the recipe I'm bringing you. This is a fun and kid friendly treat that the whole family can get in on making and everyone can customize to their own tastes. Whats even better is that it is inexpensive (can you believe how cheap bananas are?) and a much healthier alternative to ice cream and frozen novelty ... Continue Reading

Dad’s Favorites for Father’s Day


I hope you're all gearing up for a Happy Father's Day. Today I thought I'd bring you a few recipes to help show your appreciation for all of the hard working dads in your life beginning with a few of my husband's favorite dishes and treats! Homemade CinnaBuns Is the dad in your life a fan of those mall cinnamon buns? This homemade version is sure to knock his socks off, and my shortcut makes ... Continue Reading

Shortcut Tater Salad & Weird Mamas

shortcut potato salad

Don't go telling Mama I said this but she has kind of a weird life. You see, Mama has a lot of drop ins. Now that isn't weird in and of itself but when I tell you a little more about what those drop-ins demand here in a minute you'll see more what I mean.   To let you in on how my Mama works a little more, I want to tell you about a little family dinner we had at Mama's house last night. ... Continue Reading

All Purpose Marinade – Chicken, Steak, Pork, Burgers, and Veggies!


If you’re new here, Welcome to Southern Plate! Sit down and get comfy because you are a grand addition to our table. You might want to check out our FAQ and subscribe by email so you don’t miss a thing! Gratefully, Christy With summer here, many of us are marinating meat and grilling out on a regular basis. Burgers, chicken, chops, steaks, veggies, you name it, a good marinade can make the meal. ... Continue Reading

Ashley Mac’s Coconut Caramel Pie


Summer time is here and with it comes some of my favorite cold desserts! Today I'm bringing you a brand spanking new freezer pie that I know you're gonna love. Seriously, you are going to LOVE this pie! A while back I posted a sneak peek for my book and featured the cover, which was shot on location in Birmingham in the home of the extremely kind and generous Mrs. Sandy Deaton. Thanks again, Mrs. ... Continue Reading