Frozen Turtle Pie

frozen turtle pie watermarked

Welcome to the first Pie Day Friday! I've got some fun Pie recipes coming to you this summer and I'm going to try to post a new one each Friday. Today's post is for an absolutely delicious Frozen Turtle Pie. I know it sounds decadent (and it is) but the beauty of it is that you can actually make it significantly lower in sugar with just a few substitutions. Since we're all hungry on Pie Day ... Continue Reading

Chicken Fried Steak

Chicken Fried Steak SouthernPlate

If you're on Pinterest or Facebook and could use one of those buttons above, I'd sure appreciate it!  I've got a busy week ahead of me but I can't tell you what I'm up to just yet :) I can tell you that this time honored recipe comes together so fast that I can serve it for supper on the busiest of days! Chicken Fried Steak is a Southern staple in most homes and restaurants and it's easy as ... Continue Reading

Family Night In for Oklahoma

square family night in

This weekend, we're foregoing our plans for a night out for a night at home instead. We'll use the money we would have spent to donate to a local charity in Oklahoma working to help the families who survived those tornadoes get back on their feet. All of our hearts are with the folks affected by this devastation and a wonderful way to help other families is to spend an extra evening at home ... Continue Reading

Shortcut Butter Roll Dessert

shortcut butter rolls

If you're on Pinterest or Facebook, be sure and use one of the buttons above so you can find this recipe later :)  If you've never had a Butter Roll, you've been missing out on one of the most delicious simple pleasures that life has to offer! The Southern Plate Family is plum full, brimming over actually, with brilliant people. I'm talking about you, y'all, and all of us collectively. ... Continue Reading

SEE ROCK CITY: Win a FOUR pack Family Tickets to Chattanooga Attractions(3 Winners)


This giveaway is now closed. Thank you so much to all who entered! You help me keep these great giveaways coming!  Congratulations to: Dale Murphy, Karen (Partial email address carogirlz), and Roberta Shay. An email is being sent to each of you. Please note that due to the size of the Southern Plate family, there are duplicate names so check your email to see if you are the winner. THANK YOU and ... Continue Reading

Redneck Cordon Bleu


If you're on Pinterest or Facebook, I'd sure appreciate it if you could use one of those buttons above! Thank you! I'm gonna get to the "redneck" part of this post shortly but let me tell ya, this picture does not do the flavor, texture, and incredibleness of this chicken justice. Boneless, Skinless chicken breasts, breaded in crushed Ritz crackers (oh yeah, I just said that!), fried, and then ... Continue Reading

Cornbread Pan Sandwiches – and remembering what to reach for first

Cornbread Pan Sandwichesfancy

Mama Reed was a good person. She worked hard all of her life raising up ten good hearted, hardworking kids. She ran a farm, took care of her family and anyone else that needed taking care of whenever the need arose and she had the ability to do so. She grew a garden to raise food for her family and canned whatever she didn't use. She went to church and lived her life according to the principles ... Continue Reading

Rolo Cupcakes with Brown Butter Frosting

Rolo Cupcakes with Brown Butter Frosting

SO you know how from time to time you catch sight of a magazine on the racks that calls your name? I know, like every single issue of Taste of the South, right? (Which I coincidentally write for). Well right now, RIGHT NOW there is a special issue of Taste of the South on newsstands, but you gotta go grab it quick, called SOUTHERN CAKES, Classic Cakes for Every Occasion - and boy is it a ... Continue Reading

Slow Cooker Sloppy Joes

Slow Cooker Sloppy Joes

Sloppy Joes were one of my Mama's favorite weeknight suppers for busy days and I've always loved them. I have my skillet Sloppy Joe recipe on here already (click here) but this one is what I use on those days where I don't have time to brown my beef so I just throw it all in the slow cooker. Yup, you don't even have to cook the beef (as long as you use lean ground chuck)! Toss it in, turn it on. ... Continue Reading

Cuatro Leches Cake (Four Milk Cake)

four milk cake southernplate

If you're on Facebook or Pinterest and could use one of those buttons above I'd surely appreciate it! I’m different. Some see this as a bad thing, some see it as a good. I see it as what it is. Chances are, you’re pretty different, too, maybe in some of the same ways, maybe in different ones. Wouldn’t life be boring if we were all stamped out copies of one another. I’m not putting a question ... Continue Reading