2024 Bountiful Basket

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And now for the basket…


This is the 2009 Bountiful Basket that I had made to celebrate Southern Plate’s one year anniversary.

It is entirely handmade by the American Traditions Basket Company in Canal Fulton, Ohio from Hard Maple trees that are harvested in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.


It has a custom engraved brass plate attached that I designed.

basket-0661Comes with a handmade, machine washable liner and plastic protector and features two leather handles.


And has a special “cottage style” weave of cranberry and off white.

I chose cranberry because it reads red and would also be great for decorating for Christmas, Valentine’s, and Fourth of July.

This is in addition to having on your dinner table filled with rolls on a daily basis!

kitchen-006And each comes with a lifetime warranty.


This basket measures 11″ x 8.25″ x 5.5″ and is the perfect size for filling with fresh baked biscuits, storing your apples, or any number of uses around the house.

Each year I am going to have another basket made exclusively for Southern Plate. They will all match this color scheme but be different sizes and styles and have a different name as their part of the series.

I thought I’d offer you the 2009 Bountiful Basket, first in the series, in case any of you would like to have one as well. Please note that this is not a hard sell, I just wanted to offer it because I really love mine! These baskets may only be ordered during the month of August, 2009. I will turn in the orders and have them all made at the end of the month. You should receive them the first part of October.

For this first one, we’re also doing something special. Myself, My Mother, and My Grandmother (three generations) are going to sign the bottom of each basket. This is the only one we are going to do this for.

This basket is made better than any other I have ever seen, and I’ve been collecting baskets for a while now.

If you are a basket person, I know you’ll enjoy it.

2009 Southern Plate Bountiful Basket

  • First in series
  • Generous 11″ x 8.25″ x 5.5″ size
  • Lifetime warranty
  • All handmade in the USA of hardwood maple
  • Features liner, protector, leather handles and engraved brass plate
  • ONLY Available for purchase during the month of August 2009
  • Each basket will be numbered in the order that orders were received
  • Signed by three generations of Southern Plate women
  • basket-1381


*A portion of all proceeds will be donated to my favorite children’s charities.

Thank you for ordering the Bountiful Basket! Orders are now closed, please check back next year for the second in the series!


If you would like to order one but prefer to pay by check, please email my mother,  janice@southernplate.com to let her know so she can arrange that for you and we can make sure we include your order when we turn them into the company. These will only be ordered and made one time.


Leave a comment below for a chance to win the exact basket shown.

I’ll give away this very first one away to the winner when they all come in!


Christy 🙂

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  1. im a big basket case and love baskets hahaha, oh and i love that red pertty basket so cute with short handles just right for kitchen use,my wheels are turning for thanksgiving basket dinner

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