5 Minute Christmas Centerpiece – from Sugar Pie FarmHouse!

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Hello dear friend! Ruthie here from Sugar Pie Farmhouse! I’m so excited to share with y’all a super easy Christmas Centerpiece! In fact it takes just around 5 minutes! Just yesterday I was getting ready for my family’s annual Christmas tree decorating party. I was preparing my special minestrone soup, salad and garlic bread. I also made a lemon pie and some other goodies. Well, I was so busy that when it was time to set the table I had totally forgotten to think about what I was going to decorate it with. Fortunately, I was able to gather a few things from around my house to put together a quick, and festive centerpiece!

Here’s what I gathered:

  • A cake stand
  • Pine sprigs ( you could trim the back of your fresh Christmas tree, a bush in your yard or use a faux stem of greens cut into small sprigs. Cutting the stems into smaller sprigs makes it easier to place around the cake stand.)
  • Small unbreakable ornaments (using plastic ones is important since I just placed them loosely on top of the greenery. If one were to fall off it would not shatter, and that’s a good thing! Mine came from Walmart).
  • Candle
  • bowl

Place the bowl on top of the cake stand in the center and put the candle in the bowl (I do this to make sure the greenery is not near the candle flame for safety reasons, and I think it looks prettier too.) Place the small sprigs of green around the bowl, then top with the plastic ornaments all the way around. There you go, you’re done! Light the candle and you have a simple and adorable Christmas Centerpiece!

What could be easier? Sweet and simple!

Cake plates come in handy for so many things, so I’ve collected a few of them at discount stores like T.J. Maxx and Marshalls for times like these, and to hold my cakes and pies of course! Lol! I hope you can use this idea or a variation of it sometime! Please say hello in the comment section!

I hope you have a very blessed Christmas

and a Happy New Year!

I’m so thankful to Christy

for giving me the opportunity

to share with y’all!

Aunt Ruthie

from Sugar Pie Farmhouse

Get to know Aunt Ruthie below, you’ll be glad you did!

Howdy! Meet Aunt Ruthie from the Ozark hills of Branson, Missouri. She’s a happily married mama of four and  “Honey” to eight grand babies.

Ruthie’s co-authored four books on home and family with Harvest House Publishers and has been blogging for 10 years at Sugar Pie Farmhouse. Her blog is where you’ll find ideas to help make your home as sweet as Sugar Pie!

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