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Last week I asked if anyone had questions they’d like me to answer on Facebook. I got some GREAT questions and really appreciate you taking the time to ask them. I did a series of videos (I think I ended up with seven or eight of them) and I thought I’d bring you a couple every now and then. This is the first installment so when you see me mention searching on the site to find the others, just ignore me 🙂
    Celebrity Chef Question, Most Pinch Yourself Moment, etc

    This video is me answering diet questions, what my favorite utensils are, etc.

    To view the notecard I mentioned in my answer to the diet question, please click here.

  • If you’d like to ask a question you can leave it in the comments section below and I’ll try to get to it in future videos
  • This past summer I did a series of live blogging question and answer videos with the facebook family as well. To see all of them in one post, please click here.
  • I posted a very inspiring and heartwarming passage from a book I read that I really think will resonate with you. Click here to read it.

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  1. I felt almost like I should have my phone in my hand as I watched these because it was like like chatting with a friend. I hope you always retain your simplicity and down home spontaneity. I always look forward to opening Southern Plate and seeing what is going on today in the “neighborhood. “

  2. Your success has obviously not gone to your head. You want to cook with our grandma’s? You are the real deal!

  3. I came in the fall in 2009. Lol
    I don’t know if Oprah can cook? Something tells me she can’t. I just get that vibe from her. I bet she hasn’t touched a stove in decades. 😉

    You go and buy that shampoo and conditioner!!!! Smell all minty fresh!

  4. You are inspiring. And I wish my Grandma was here. She could whip up the best stuff. I remember standing in the kitchen watching her cook , my Grandpa made this shelf and cut out a portion so I could stand by the stove and help and watch her without being in the way. Those are the memories that are special to me. She made the best potato salad, after making it with her so many times, I now make it often people ask me for the recipe and its hard because she just put a little of this and a little of that and have no specifics just her telling me over my shoulder how do to this or that . See I ramble just like you ! LOVE YOU AND YOUR POSTS !!! And your cookbook is next on my list to get I collect them and shot glasses and Pandas.

  5. Christy, I enjoy everything you bring our way. You are such a sweet inspiration to everyone you come in contact with. Thats what I like about you. Your the same where ever you go. Congratulations on all of your acomplishments and keep up the good work and keep it coming .Love you.

  6. You are like a sister….. Would it not be neat for everyone to meet and sit around a big old round table and enjoy your good cooking and wonderful and exciting adventures. ( I would even do the dishes afterwards) God has blessed you abundantley and you shower your friends and family with such love. Thanks for putting a smile on my face each and every day.

    1. Oh, Tracy! I’m sure you meant to say, “Wouldn’t it be neat for everyone…” Bless your heart!! I have had that same thought myself! I would even help you with the dishes…just as long as I could be within earshot of Christy so I could hear her say the word “tongs” in her great southern accent! She feels like a sister to me, too, even though she’s 20 years younger than me!!…or should that be ‘I’…LOL You still get what I mean!! Christy puts a smile on my face every day, too…Love, love, LOVE her video singing the Good Morning Song…I play it at least twice a week!!

    2. Oh, good grief, Tracy,…your wording was just fine the first time….my brain was not functioning correctly…Please forgive me!!! Too bad I’m not a caffeine person…maybe that would help…?!!

      1. that is fine… i understand…. I was typing on a cup of coffee and a small piece of chocolate right after taking my blood pressure and sugar medicine. I had to have something to eat before I took it…..

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