May Scripture Writing Plan

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Shannon from has created another WONDERFUL Scripture Writing Plan for May. There is an English version and Spanish version. You can find more wonderful creations from Shannon by visiting her Etsy store (click here).

Writing out scripture allows me to focus on it in a way that is much more meaningful in my scattered mind. I’m able to slow my thoughts down, draw closer to Him, and really get inside the word in a whole new way. I encourage you to try this as the results can be life changing.

This month’s writing plan has a special theme. According to Shannon, “This month I felt very strongly that I needed to do a set of verses on a specific topic and so I chose a topic that so many, myself included, struggle with: Anxiety/Fear.”

To open up a printer friendly version of any of these scripture writing plans, just click on the photo and it will open up in a page all by itself.

English Scripture Writing Plan

May Scritpure Writing Plan English


Spanish Scripture Writing Plan

May Scripture Writing Plan Spanish

Non Decorated Scripture Writing Plan (Men might like this one better)

May Scripture Writing Plan Blank


  1. I have been doing the scripture writing plan and really enjoy it. The ladies Sunday school class I attend is doing it as well. I would like to be able to get them the plan the Sunday before the month starts, but often can’t seem to find it, or it’s not posted that far ahead. Is there a way I can get June’s plan by this Friday so I can print it and have it ready to give it to them Sunday?

    1. Hey Crystal! I am so glad to hear this! I post it once the designer/creator sends it to me. It will most likely be available this week and I’ll post it as soon as I receive it. Make sure you subscribe to my newsletter because I send an email with the link so that is the easiest way to know without just keeping an eye on southern plate. I always post it in “The Roost” section on SouthernPlate so it won’t be visible on the home page, but if you look up at the top right of the page you will see a menu that has “The Roost” in it.
      Hope this helps!
      subscribe here: P.S. it’s free of course 🙂

  2. Just started receiving your news letter. Love that you have monthly scripture plan.
    Thank you

  3. Thank you. You will never know how much inspiration and comfort your monthly calendar gives me. Especially now. Last week I lost a very loving, compassate lady that I had the pleasure of taking care of for over 10yrs. I was her caregiver and she was my 2nd mother. She was 96 yrs. young and she and I were the best of friends. God has her now and I know she she is at rest and peace. Thank you and please don’t ever stop doing the monthy calendar.

    One of Your Admirer

  4. Thank you. I am currently suffering from anxiety, and this month has been particularly difficult. I’m so glad that I am not the only one, and blessed that May’s Scriptures address this! Today’s Scripture verse was from Matthew regarding the sparrows and worry. Thankful, and trying to always remember this~

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