April Scripture Writing Plan

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Shannon from Swtblessings.com has generously created another Scripture Writing Plan for April.

I cannot tell you how wonderful these scripture writing plans have been for me. Writing out scripture allows me to focus on it in a way that is much more meaningful in my scattered mind. I’m able to slow my thoughts down, draw closer to Him, and really get inside the word in a whole new way. I encourage you to try this as the results can be life changing.

To open up a printer friendly version of any of these scripture writing plans, just click on the photo and it will open up in a page all by itself.

This month we have THREE versions. English, Spanish, and even a non-decorative “manly” version for the folks in your life who want a few less flowers.

You can find more wonderful creations by Shannon at her Etsy store (click here).


English Version

APRIL Scripture Writing Plan English


Spanish Version

APRIL Scripture Writing Plan Spanish

Simple Version

APRIL Scripture Writing Plan Blank


  1. I have to admit I had noticed th Scripture plan at top of your emails but never looked into it until today.I feel like I am going to get a lot out of it and be able to read more of Gods word and draw closer to Him.I M GOING THRU A DIFFICULT TIME RIGHT NOW several serious issus with family members serious illness and such I believe God meant for me to get into this right now.would appreciate a prayerlthanks for all you sharel

  2. OH no, not again. I checked that one. My spell check has gone crazy! Not limits shin! Supposed to be, I must begin. .

  3. Christy, thanks forswearing this simple, yet helpful plan. If I don’t meet you on this side, I’ll meet over on the other side in Glory.

  4. I did enjoy the March scripture writing plan so much, thank you for including the April plan!! It is such help to have the structure to accompany my regular daily Bible study. It is a blessing!

  5. I have also been enjoying these scripture plans. They have helped me to get reacquainted with scripture that I had forgotten and has been renewing my relationship with my Creator God. Thank you so much for taking the time to put these together. You are so appreciated! 🙂

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