BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! Exclusive Bracelet – Limited Availability and Perfect for Mother’s Day!

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Today I am thrilled to announce that our sold out Sweetness Cuffs are available again for a very limited time to pre-order! Not only that, but this time they are available in Mexican Bronze AND Silver Plated Bronze! Look for a photo of the silver cuff later on in the week but both are available for pre-order now.

This is a very special piece I commissioned to go along with my book, Sweetness. It is a fully bronze cuff (or fully bronze with silver plate) to be worn in honor of a loved one who has passed on or as a reminder of the warmth, love, and blessings of a full life. This bracelet is entirely handmade and hand stamped with “The Sweetness Remains”.

The sentiment on the cuff came from my book dedication:

sweetness dedication

Over time it will develop a beautiful patina or you can polish it to keep it shiny and gold. I have worn one for months and never take it off. It can be custom fitted to your wrist so it is very comfortable and you don’t even notice you are wearing it, until you look down and are reminded of the precious blessings brought into your life by the people you are wearing it for.


These pieces were created exclusively for us by a wonderful company that I am thrilled to support. Fashion and Compassion is a ministry that creates jobs for people in vulnerable communities in the United States and around the world. They help keep families together by paying their artisans a living wage and giving them dignity of work with a purpose.

Fashion and Compassion donates 100% of their net proceeds back to the communities, organizations  & ministries they serve. Their main office is in North Carolina, where many artisans are located, but they also have workshops around the world as well, staffed with artisans who work with the North Carolina artisans to complete and package each handmade piece.

This cuff is only available for pre-order now through Friday, April 21st and will ship the week of May 8th, making it a beautiful Mother’s Day gift. 

Many people were disappointed when the bracelets sold out last time and I have heard from countless folks who saw their friend’s with these exclusive bracelets and wanted one for themselves, so this is your chance!

How to order:

First off, if you’d like a 10% off code, click here and enter your name and email and a code will be sent to you once you confirm your email address. This code is good for your ENTIRE order at Fashion and Compassion.  Follow me on Instagram because I plan on posting some of my favorite F&C pieces later today.

If you’d like to go directly to the Sweetness Cuff on Fashion and Compassion (You can sign up for the discount before you purchase it), click here. 

To order silver plated bronze cuff (not pictured yet) Click here, choose silver plate from the drop down menu and add to your cart. We will have a photo of that one in a few days – it’s gorgeous!

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  1. Christie, I thought I ordered one of the bracelets a while back, unable to locate the order number.
    Is there a way I can check to see if I did or didn’t?

  2. Love everlasting , reflected in a beautiful piece of jewelry. A beautiful reminder of where your story began.

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