Let’s Talk Burgers

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Growing up, I loved hamburger night at my house. Mama made thick, juicy burgers in a skillet and served them with big ol’ french fries and enough ketchup to drown the whole shabang in. Alright, so I was the one adding the flood of  ketchup but it set the whole meal off perfectly in my mind. On nights when we didn’t have buns, she’d just serve the patties topped with sauteed onion slices (which she cooked in the skillet along with the burgers) and call it hamburger steak. Either way Mama went with this, it was a win-win.

I sure do miss having Mama make my hamburger,  

but since I’m the Mama these days, I reckon she’s done gone and passed the torch.

So, as the head hamburger-cooker, this is how I turn out juicy and taste filled burgers. I look forward to hearing how you make your burgers. Do you have a secret ingredient or method that people just rave about? What toppings do you like? Are there any unusual sides that you just have to have? As a fellow burger enthusiast, I’d love to hear how they’re served at your house – or your favorite restaurant. Feel free to reply to other comments as well if you want to chat about it a bit. No sense in being shy, this is your home, too!


I use ground beef (whatever is cheapest), egg, and dry french onion soup mix.

I LOVE onions with my burgers but my family doesn’t (at least they think they don’t ~ hehe!) so this way I can have my onions and they are clueless.


Add all of your ingredients together. I am using about two and a half pounds of ground beef here.


I mush it all up. The best way to do this is just with your hands.


Shape patties into doughnuts.

The hole in the middle keeps the hamburger from puffing up into one big ball and also helps it get done evenly.

As it cooks the hole fills in.


After you brown the patties really well on both sides, add a cup or so of water to the pan so that they can continue to cook without burning and get done all of the way.


Right before you take them up, top a few with slices of cheese for those who like cheeseburgers.

Can you believe I don’t care for cheese on my burger? I’m an odd bird, I know.


My perfect burger includes a side of big old steak fries and some Comeback sauce to dip ’em in!

This picture shows hamburgers served  with Comeback sauce and a a side of abomination – otherwise known as “green bean fries”. That was a new fangled recipe I figured I’d try so I could bring it to you if it was good.

Well folks, I can honestly say that they “look” good, but I can’t go beyond that. After making these, from now on if I want green beans, I’m gonna eat green beans. If I want fries, I’m gonna eat fries. Trying to turn green beans into fries worked out about as well as trying to turn broccoli into mashed potatoes:). Just my opinion!

Now this is where you come in! I know y’all make some awesome burgers and there are limitless variations (just about all of which I’d personally like to try!).

How do you make your burgers? I’d love for you to share your favorite burger recipes with me in the comments below. Tell me how you like to make ’em, how you like to eat ’em, how you like to serve ’em, and what you serve ’em with. If you’d like to include any actual recipes in your comments, go right ahead! (Yipee!!)

Feel free to respond to other folks comments as well if you’d like, We’re all friends here. 🙂


Click here for Comeback Sauce recipe!

Got Leftovers?


Hamburger patties are SO EASY to recycle into future dishes! I allow my patties to cool and them crumble them up before placing them in a freezer bag. Next time you make chili, taco soup, beef casserole, or the like, just pull out your crumbles and toss them in. You’ll have the convenience of using pre cooked beef, the added zip of the onion soup mix flavor, and the pride in not wasting your leftovers!

“If something intolerable simply cannot be changed, driven away, or shot – Southerners will not only tolerate it but take pride in it as well.” – Florence King

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  1. Hmmmm. Have never tried the fried egg, but courtesy of the BF do have a very delicious burger recipe. He adds Soy Sauce, Worcestershire Sauce, Steak Sauce, Garlic and Onions…as well as he seasoning of the day. We get a variety at Sams, Like Citrus Grill, Smoky Mesquite. Different flavors different times.

    He was thrilled when I got my Kitchen Aid mixer, calls it a hamburger mixer. Does the best job getting them all mixed together evenly.

    Oh yeah..we use ground chuck as anything leaner tends to be dry.

    Love the hole in the middle though. Gonna add that one for sure.

  2. I can hardly wait to try a fried egg on my burger. What’s not to love about that. My husband will ot be surprised at all with my request for this because I must have fried eggs on top of my pancakces (no syrup).

    I wonder if the hole in the middle will work the same for a grilled burger? My husband is the burger maker in our family … he always adds a squirt of mustard to the meat.

    Thanks for a new idea for my burgers.

  3. I made these tonight and they were awesome!! I’m not much of an onion person and I still loved these. Great flavor and very juicy. I have a new favorite burger recipe thanks to you Christy!

  4. Hello again Christy. Do you have a homemade onion soup mix recipe? The ingrediants in the recipes I’ve seen vary, but they all seem to have bouillion granules, dried onions and onion powder. I’m looking for one with low sodium bouillion and no msg.

  5. I’m quite surprised that our burger recipes are so similar! Our only difference is in using Dale’s sauce or worcestershire in there….

    Oh, and I’ll cook burgers on the grill for TheBigGuy by the dozen… lay them on a cookie sheet, freeze them, then store in a zipper bag in the freezer. Out of the freezer, into the microwave for 1.5 minutes on a paperplate, and voila! Fresh grilled taste in a FLASH. They’re GREAT for those times you hear “honey, I’m STARVING”.

  6. We don’t fry our burgers. When we were growing up, we had to cook 12 burgers and this would have taken a long time. We used the grill pan that comes with the oven and cooked them on Broil. The grease driped down into the pan and burgers were still juicy.

  7. A couple of my kids opted to have “burger bar” birthday parties this year. We had a variety of buns, cheeses, lettuce, tomatoes, onion, olives, fried mushrooms, bacon, and whatever else we could think of. Everyone loved it! MMMmmm. I loved all the leftovers! This has been one my favorite party menus.

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