Collection Of Dinnertime Bread Recipes

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A classic Southern meal in the old days always included bread. Bread was a great meal stretcher and even the poorest of sharecroppers usually had the ingredients to make it thanks to the staples of 25 pound sack of flour provided by the land owners (look for a quote from my Great Grandmother Lela about this at the bottom of this post). Although I don’t have bread with every supper nowadays, more often than not we do. Here are some of my favorite dinnertime bread recipes, some classic and some new fangled. I hope you’ll find at least one or two new ones to make for those you love.

drop biscuits

Drop Biscuits – And How Your Mama Did It Just Right

This is a recipe that is always considered a treat at my house, met with the same zeal as a dessert even though it is just a bread. A variation on my Mama’s hoe cake, she often mixed up the same batter and made drop biscuits instead.


Dixie Cornbread (Go Dawgs!)

This recipe is from friend and Southern Plate Family Member Terri. I have never had cornbread so moist in all of my born days. I feel certain that no small amount of my existance has been wasted up until tasting this.

Jordan Rolls

Jordan Rolls – And why interruptions are the key to my success

This is my personal roll recipe, that I serve whenever an occasion calls for them.

Buttermilk Biscuits
I have GOT to remember to take a better photo next time I make these! This one is from three years ago, taken with my cell phone.

How To Make Buttermilk Biscuits

If you have had problems in the past with your biscuits turning out to be more like hockey pucks than our beloved southern staple, this recipe is the one for you.

Ten Minute Rolls

Ten Minute Rolls

When you’ve got a family of rumbling stomachs and the meal about to go on the table these rolls come in handy. If you work fast, you can have them ready from start to finish in about ten minutes using ingredients you probably already have on hand.

When I first posted these lots of folks said they served them with butter and honey.

Hoe Cake

Hoe Cake

This bread is one of my dear favorites and I’d hate to think that some of you have never had it. It is among a list of recipes I love so much that I’d like to ask you to make them as a personal favor to me. My family’s hoe cake uses flour and produces a bread much like buttermilk biscuits in flavor only with a lighter and fluffier texture and crispy outsides.

Seeded Yeast Rolls

Seeded Yeast Rolls, Ready From Your Freezer Anytime!

These rolls are absolutely delicious but my favorite part is the seeds. I LOVE wheaty bread with seeds inside, it’s my favorite. For this recipe, you can use what seeds you prefer or the combination I used. Everything is nicer when you customize it to your own tastes.

“Mama always said many a family would have starved to death back

then if not for biscuits and gravy.”

~My Grandmother, Lucille Pockrus, quoting my great grandmother, Lela Sanders.

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  1. Our Bible Study at church on Wednesday night makes simple suppers before we begin. Several of our members work and then have to pick up their children on the way to church. We have one young man who is single and every week, we say, “Well, Nick, what’s for supper next week?” 🙂 This week it’s biscuits and sawmill gravy. I’m doing the honors. My cathead biscuits and gravy are pretty famous around here!

  2. Loved your Grandmoter’s quote. Reminded me of my mother. She never said a bad word about another person her whole life, except for once. The old folks were talking about a cousin diring the Great Depression and mother said: “All they did was sit over there and eat water biscuit and water gravy.” That was mothers way of saying they were too lazy to work for something better to eat.

    Mother came from a family of seven kids. They grew a large garden, had chickens and a milk cow. Whatever else they may have done without, they always had plenty of good food. The boys took broom sticks and walked the fields to jump a rabbit. They they chased him down and dispatched him with the broom sticks. They must have been very good at it because mother said they ate a lot of rabbit.

    Mother and grandmother worked at the cotton mill in Monticello, Arkansas. I remember them talking about the shoe crisis. One of them finally wore out her shoes beyond repair. Good thing they worked different shifts. They would meet at the front door at 6 AM and again at 6 PM and change “The Shoes.” The one off duty would walk home barefooted and back the next morrning. The shoes worked 24 hours a day for some months until they could buy another pair. All this for a job that paid 10 cents per hour.

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