February Archives 2008-2024

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February Archives 2008-2015
Me and the kids. This was taken around 2011. Copyright Hoffman Media.

IF YOU CAME HERE FROM THE EMAIL I SENT TODAY: I accidentally linked to the February Archives instead of the March. You can view the March Archives by clicking here. Thanks! 

Good Morning! Here is a list I pulled together of all of my posts from past Februarys on SouthernPlate.com, in one convenient place for you should anyone want to catch up or see what they might have missed. I’m planning on doing this with each month as it arrives throughout the year so stay tuned and make sure you subscribe by email to avoid missing anything. Meanwhile, If you’re hankering for something new or even familiar tastes from the old days, you’re sure to find it on this list. 

I look forward to chatting with you in the comments so be sure and drop a “hidy” if you’ve got the time!


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If any of the links don’t work, that is a mistake on my part and I’ll try to get it fixed as soon as I’m aware of it. Please let me know in the comments and then use the search box in the top right hand corner of SouthernPlate (beneath the title area) to search for the recipe by name.

The January Archives can be viewed by clicking here.

February Archives 2008-2015

*This month is ongoing. More recipes will be added at the end of the month







I started SouthernPlate.com in July of 2008 so 2009 was my first February blogging :).

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  1. Thank you Christy for all the years of recipes, stories and jokes. Special thanks to your family for sharing and giving of your time to us.
    Can’t wait for your next book.

  2. Thanks, for all You done I really appreciate your kindness And never stop giving those delicious receips .
    Good nite from Texas.!!!!!!!!!!.

  3. Thanks for the memories! I think I have been along since the beginning and it was surprising to read some of the old entries and recall reading them.

  4. Christy,
    I love the yearly archives of your posts and recipes. I just finished reading your January archives and it was a walk down memory lane. I was particularly interested in the post that shared where you are from. I am very familiar with that part of Huntsville from having taught at Chapman Elem. for a long period of time. The folks from both of those communities were the salt of the earth. Their work ethic, integrity and compassion were at the top of the scale.
    Thank you for sharing. Have a blessed week.
    JoAnn C.

    1. My brother went to Chapman back in the late seventies. I believe he went to the middle school though as we all went to Lincoln Elementary. It was a wonderful bunch of folks, I agree!
      Thank you for being here!

  5. All those southern Ya’lls and any ” fix-n-to’s are perfectly fine with us here in Texas. We wouldn’t have it any other way ! I just sincerely appreciate your practical and frugal recipes that also taste great. I have to tell you of a recipe that you left from your list. Your moms sweet potato dumplings. Those are about the best things I have ever tasted, Its been a pleasure to see you grow and your cute kids grow up ! Thanks for all your hard work. Warm regards from Texas !!!

    1. Oh I love those things! I believe I posted them back in the fall so they’ll be on the list when I get to that month. I could live on them!
      Thank you so much for your kindness and encouragement! With folks like you here, I know I am in the company of good people!

  6. Christy I went back and read your 2008 blogs and oh, my what a difference! I had to get aaall the way to October to find a “y’all”. Found a couple of “ya”s tho, lol. I have to say the first posts were kinda stilted and dry. Thank goodness you went on and colored them up for us!! If today I had read those posts, I don’t think I would have signed up for them (even though the recipes are similar to those my Cajun Mama made). You sounded like every body else. I have been thoroughly enjoying you and your heart felt posts for a while now. Enjoying watching the kids grow up. Don’t be too hard on the engineer, just have some gum wrappers and paper clips handy. He’ll do…Tell Mama Janice hello also. Too long here, so I’ll just say thank you for your time and recipes. Love to all..

    1. Lol! You know, I was an English honors student in college so it was very difficult for me to allow myself to write in a Southern dialect. Even though I spoke that way, I always wrote in proper English. That definitely took some time to let go of my training a bit. 🙂
      Also, I used to try really hard not to write “y’all” because it was so overused on television for a time that it almost felt like a parody to use it here. Now I just type it when I’d normally say it and don’t worry because I know it’s natural.
      I’m glad you’re here and thanks for giving me a chance to explain the evolution of my writing.:)

  7. Christy, thank you for all of your hard work! Kids today would say, “You’re the BOMB!” Since I am from the old school of folks I will say, “You’re just the best thing that has come along since sliced bread!” What a blessing and an inspiration you are as well as Momma Janice.

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