Foodbuzz 24, 24, 24: Brunch In the Heart Of Dixie

I’ve had quite a time keeping this secret under wraps, but a few weeks ago I found out that Southern Plate had been chosen as one of the participants in the Foodbuzz 24,24,24 event! Foodbuzz is going to feature 24 meals, in 24 hours, on 24 different blogs around the world!

I wrote up a formal proposal complete with menu, writing samples, and type of coverage I would provide along with why my voice would be a unique one to include in this event and you could have knocked me over with a feather when my proposal was accepted! If you’d like to learn a little more about me and my history with Southern food, settle in and sit a spell or just click here!

Lets get us some good food cookin’! In the South, we love breakfast. We love it any time of the day, too! Many restaurants feature breakfast bars at dinner or even full breakfast menus throughout the day. When a large family gathers together, what could be more pleasing than our favorite traditional breakfast dishes served up with a glass of iced tea?

We gathered at my parent’s house on the banks of the Tennessee River. With my two grandmothers, adopted Aunt and Uncle, siblings, children, and nephews, there were a total of nine people sitting at my mother’s expansive dinner table, with overflow in the sunroom.


Brunch In The Heart Of Dixie Menu
(with traditional add ins)

Apple Butter

If you’d like to know how to prepare any dish featured on our menu, simply click the name for a full, step by step photographic tutorial! Each week we add more tutorials to Southern Plate with almost a hundred so far and growing every day!

Click “read more” To see individual photos and learn a little more about each dish!
Southerners are known for our buttermilk biscuits.
We have them with just about everything and even use the leftovers in bread puddings and dressings. Back in the day, flour was a staple affordable and readily available. Biscuits were a great way to stretch a meal and fill up hungry men coming in from the fields when there was very little or no meat available.
We serve them filled with country meats, butter, sorghum molasses, eggs, cheese, home canned apple butter, and homemade preserves. They are also delicious when covered with our special chocolate gravy or milk gravy!
This particular recipe introduces a great “no fail” method for anyone whose attempted biscuits in the past and ended up with something resembling a hockey puck!

Pecan Pie muffins combine all of the wonderful flavors of our traditional Pecan Pie into a moist and dense muffin.

Fatback is an inexpensive, salty cut of meat which became very popular in the South during the great depression. We eat it throughout the year, but it is a must at our traditional New Year’s Day dinner.
Country ham is yet another southern favorite!
Our restaurants serve it alongside large servings of in season vegetables or sandwiched between the layers of a fluffy biscuit.
Fried Potatoes are often served with breakfast as well as other meals. Many folks cook them up with onions but we kept ours plain to appease the wee ones! If you’ve never tasted fried potatoes, you’ve never tasted potatoes!
Fried apples are an ingenious way to include a taste of dessert in with the main meal!
Simple and quick to prepare, these are a must have when autumn’s chill hits the air and orchards bring forth their spoils!
Cheesy Scrambled Eggs are loved by everyone and an easy way to cook eggs for a crowd!

Slow Cooked Oatmeal is topped with an assortment of fixin’s, including brown sugar, raisins, and chopped pecans!

A southern breakfast could never be complete without a serving of grits.
How folks prepare theirs varies greatly.
Some people like to crumble up bacon and sprinkle cheese over them.
I prefer mine with a bit of butter and splenda.
In the top left of this photo are the jars of home canned apple butter and peach preserves.
Both are easy to make and make great Christmas gifts when canned using the water bath method demonstrated in Southern Plate’s Canning Tutorial!
What do we drink with our brunch? Sweet Tea, of course!

It’s ready, Y’all come and eat!



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Thank you for reading Southern Plate!
My mother, Janice, and I after the big meal.

A sampling of kiddies at the second table!
Thank you, Foodbuzz!

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  1. Congratulations Christy! Your blog is awesome and you more than deserve the recognition. You do Alabama proud! BIG HUGS!

  2. I don’t know why you were surprised to be chosen Christy. I found your website by accident about 2 weeks ago. I have been forwarding your recipes to my sisters as soon as I receive them. Just as much as I enjoy the recipes, I enjoy the personal stories and pictures. I am from a large family who throughout the years have kind of distanced ourselves with our own families. Your website has brought us more together in the exchange of memories we have surrounding the simple foods we grew up with. I am so happy whenever you have a new post and anticipate your personal touches. God bless you and yours. Katey from Michigan

  3. So fun to see your table settings … I have Mikasa’s “Arabella” pattern, too! I started collecting Fiestaware, so my sister is using the Arabella, but I just love it. A beautiful table for delicious food!

  4. Hehe! So many fabulous comments! Y’all are really SO GOOD TO ME!!! Thank you!!! Someone said they don’t do sugar in their tea, you’ll be happy to know that just about every glass on that table had splenda in it ~winks~, as for sugar in grits, Oh my yes!! Just wait til I show ya how I eat rice for breakfast! LOL!

    All of you are just so good to me, so very good to me. I thank you each and every one for reading my blog! And Myella, Of course I answered your email! LOL I appreciate you taking the time to write it. I do get a lot of them and I am usually behind on responding with so many irons in the fire, but I make it a point to do my absolute best to answer everyone. You take the time to read Southern Plate!

    Myella and all of my wonderful and dear friends (you are so much more than readers), you’ve created a wonderful community here and I really feel like we are all sitting on my front porch gabbing whenever we talk in the comments section or email or through posts.

    Thank you all so much for being such wonderful people! If I could, I would SOOOOOOOOOOOOO cook for you all!!!!

    Still feeling like I’ve won the lottery,

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