Home Sweet Home Stitch-A-Long!

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Hey Friends, I would like to invite you to join me in the first Southern Plate Stitch-A-Long!

We will be hand stitching, cross stitching to be exact, as it is something that is accessible to everyone and easy to pick up and put down as time allows.

Here is how our Stitch A Long will work:

  1. There is no set time frame. We can do it as our time allows and post our progress if we like. I’ll post my weekly progress here and you can share your progress photos either in our Southern Plate Fellowship Group (see link at the bottom of this post) or on Instagram using hashtag #spstitchalong. If you add that (#spstitchalong) to your Instagram photos – and your account is not private- your photos will automatically (within the hour) show up in the album at the bottom of this page.
  2. We will all be working on the same pattern, that can be purchased on Etsy. The links to purchase are below.
  3. Since the time frame is flexible, there is no time we have to finish by. When you finish is when you finish. If you happen upon this stitch a long a year from now, you can start then, too. Just use the hashtag to add your photos to our official album below. You can also search in our Fellowship Group for the Stitch A Long posts and add your photos there as well.
  4. In order to protect the creator’s copyright, please purchase the pattern directly from the creator before participating. Sharing copies of the pattern violates her copyright.

We will begin another project in approximately one month. This is not to say that you have to be done by then, though! Since this is my first stitch a long, if you see anything I’ve left out, please let me know in the comments below.

Home Sweet Home Stitch-A-Long!
© 2015 Stitchrovia by Emma Congdon


Purchase your pattern from Etsy by using either of the links below. NOTE: You are purchasing a PDF. You cannot purchase a printed copy but have to print it yourself at home or take the file to an office supply store and have them print it. You don’t need a color printer as there are black and white files in the packet of files you purchase as well. At the time of writing this, the pattern was $7.33.

Home Sweet Home Stitch-A-Long!
© 2015 Stitchrovia by Emma Congdon

Purchase the Green Colorway (that I’m using) by clicking here.

Home Sweet Home Stitch-A-Long!
© 2015 Stitchrovia by Emma Congdon

Purchase the Blue Colorway (which is also stunning!) by clicking here.

Once your purchase the pattern all of the supplies you will need are listed in the downloads. you can either purchase them at a local craft store or online.

Here are the Supplies I’m Using

(alter to suit your own needs or desires)

Anyone who posts a photo on Instagram using hashtag #spstitchalong will see their photo appear in a special album below within one hour of posting it. Feel free to post photos of getting started such as your printed pattern, thread purchase, etc! 

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To request membership in Christy Jordan’s Front Porch Fellowship, please click here. Note: You must answer the two questions to be approved. A Facebook account is required and the fellowship group has strict rules which must be followed in order to stay in the group.

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  2. A lot of people mentioned below how I didn’t feature small segments of each DONG. I tried, but it compromised the flow of episode since each DONG had such varying sounds. I hope this encourages viewers to try out all the DONGs for themselves!

  3. Thanks for all your hard work!! The breakdowns on how to resize or reposition in the middle of an IGTV tutorial are a little redundant HOWEVER~ Lists like this are absolutely invaluable!!! It can be overwhelming with how many resources are out there and where to spend the bucks. Having a pro like yourself break it down based off of experience can save lots of time. Keep up the Great Work.

  4. Hey Nicky, great video. I think you should’ve cut the voice out for a few seconds each site, I know this would mess with the flow of the video but it would have helped people pick a website that they liked.

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