I’m giving myself permission..

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Welcome to tales from the tour, with emphasis on tales :). I’ve given myself permission to write all I want here, about any little trivial thing that happens my way or enters my thoughts as long as it is somehow related to my book tour. And honestly, I can pretty much relate to pot of chicken and dumplings in Alabama to sushi in the heart of Tokyo if I want to so its kinda wide open there 😉

So here I sit, after having blogged for well over two years, tickled pink that I can now write whenever I want to. Sounds odd but I try to be really careful on SP about sending out emails to folks. Some people get tricky with getting too many emails and so I don’t want to send out an email frivolously, so I try to stay somewhat on point (somewhat is a very broad term to me) when I do anything that I will be emailing out. But here, I’m not going to email these. These are just little posts on my tales from the tour blog and I plan on putting them up, telling y’all about it from time to time, and you can come read it if you get the notion.

And that gives me free reign to write as much as I want.

~takes a deep breath and looks around~

This feels liberating already.

P.S. Frivolously is harder to spell than you think…


  1. You know at the end of every Fox News radio blurb, the reporter says “We report, you decide . . . ” Well, Christy, darlin’ . . . you write and I’ll read!!! Look so forward to it!

  2. Start typing away, lady! Can’t believe people get annoyed at getting e-mails. They can just ask to be removed from your e-mail list or ignore them. For some reason I’m not signed up for e-mail updates- I just check the blog to see if you’ve written anything. I’m low tech that way! Anyway, I preordered your book from Amazon.com tonight 😀 Do you know if any book plates are left? I forwarded my e-mail confirmation to your publisher. Also, Amazon.com says the release date is October 5. Does that mean the books will be shipped out that day or that they should arrive at our houses that day? Can’t wait for the book to get here, considering how much I love your blog I think the book will be my most used cook book!

  3. Looking forward to seeing you in Nashville. We go to the Festival of Books
    every year. If you have never been to it you are in for a treat. Your family will
    enjoy it also. They have children and young adult authors in addition to the
    adults. The atmosphere is so nice and I think you will enjoy it.
    Will you be cooking there. Last year they had a cooking site outside.
    We are so proud of you in Athens.

  4. that should be “every one of them.” I am getting too careless. Forgive my errors. I feel blessed that you want to share with us. It is so exciting. I love your shoes!!

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