Matching Girl & Doll Dresses:The Quick, Easy, and Inexpensive Way!

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I hope y’all will indulge me yet again as I drift away from food and bring you something to thrill the little girls in your life – without breaking the bank! I still have plenty of Christmas recipes to bring you so bear with me another day and I’ll get back on topic after this post!

Katy Rose loves to dress to match her baby doll, Lucy. There are plenty of catalogs out there which sell matching girl and doll dresses, but the prices will take your breath away! Rather than buy from them or make from scratch (which I just don’t have the time to do), I go find matching outfits for Katy Rose and Lucy and alter them slightly to fit her doll better. I have done this with summer dresses as well as winter, the two of them have seven or eight matching outfits at this point, and the most I have spent on the set of outfits was $15.00. That’s $15.00 for both Katy’s and Lucy’s outfit! The outfits featured in this photo above and in the video below were purchased for $11.00 all together. Katy Rose’s outfit was $8.00 and Lucy’s was $3.00.

I hope you’ll enjoy this video and find it comes in handy should you ever have a little princess in your life who wants to match her baby. If you enjoy it, please leave a comment below, I love to hear back from y’all!

The hairbow tutorial I talk about in the videos may be found here. I have another video of how to make a hairbow holder that I’ll bring you soon, I just don’t want to irritate y’all by staying off of food for too long!



I never thought it was such a bad little tree. It’s not bad at all, really. Maybe it just needs a little love.

-Linus on a Charlie Brown Christmas

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  1. Your Katy is a sweatheart. It must be in the name because my Katie is a sweatheart too. This is a great idea. You’ve single handedly saved me a ton of money. Thank you so much.


  2. Hi Christy!….. How cute Ms Katy Rose and her lil baby are!I was going to ask about your furbaby too! I love black cats…Love SouthernPlate too!!!
    Oh yeah….Can you please hurry that cookbook along????My daughter and I are dying here!

  3. Christie,
    That is just the sweetest picture of Katy Rose. She really loves her dolly! Great idea, thanks for passing it on.
    Happy Holidays!

      1. Thank you so much, Maryse!!
        And I don’t mind one little bit how ya spell my name. You know I looked once and there are over 20 ways you could spell “Christy”?
        I just figure I’m lucky that folks would even want to type my name and talk to me to begin with so I pretty much answer to anything!
        (My dad has misspelled it a time or two as well!).


  4. Girl, you are something else! I hope your husband knows how lucky he is to be married to you! This is great for us grandma’s also to know short cuts and save money too…even great idea for gifts.

    1. You sound like one jim dandy of a grandma! I wish my mother had time to do things like this for Katy! lol. Can I send my kids to your house for a while? They need some Granny spoilin’!
      Thank you so much for being so sweet to me. My husband tolerates me well enough, I suppose. Least I keep him fed, right? 🙂

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