Meal Plan Monday #32

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So glad to share all of these great recipes with you!

mpm southernplate

Welcome to another edition of Meal Plan Monday! We sure enjoy seeing all of the wonderful recipes included each week and appreciate all of the emails and comments letting us know that you enjoy them, too!

This week’s featured recipes (that were very well loved by y’all in last week’s roundup):famous-queso-dip
Little Chef Within

chicken-terrific-666Chicken Terrific from Cooking with K


Egg Salad Sandwiches from A Southern Soul

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  1. Christy,
    Just made your Crockpot Apple Butter. Wonderful!!!! I want to make Crockpot Peach Butter. Found your receipe but it is not for the crockpot. Can it be cooked like your Apple Butter in a crockpot. I have memories of being burned by popping air bubbles when cooking Apple Butter on the stove

  2. Hi Christi, I wanted to leave a note on your iced coffee post and it wanted me to use an account username for many different things, but I don’t have any of those accounts. How do I leave a note on your iced coffee thread?

  3. Thanks for hosting Christy! And those Mickey Treats from Big Bear’s Wife–how cute! I know you love them too 😉

  4. I am thrilled beyond belief that one of my recipes is featured!! Thank you!!
    But the link takes me to a fruit salad recipe that isn’t mine.

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