Most folks say they want to be happy but…

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Most folks, when asked, will tell you that they want to be happy.

Often times, though, our actions give a different answer. It is as if we become miserable out of habit and don’t even notice that the way we act, speak, and even live all help create an environment opposite of the one we want to live in.

There comes a time where you’ve got to say enough is enough. Stand up to yourself. Become your own inner drill sergeant. Hold yourself to a higher standard.

If you want to be happy you have to think happy, tell yourself you’re happy, listen to music that makes you happy, constantly be on the lookout for even the tiniest moments of joy and grab onto them as they appear!

Don’t just “wish” to be happy and then spend your days digging puddles of despair.

Look at all the people around you clinging to their misery – you’ve got to decide to hold just as tightly to your happiness.

Decide today to live in hope.

Declare that you are happy and build up from there.

Life is a journey no matter which path you take.

Isn’t it time you chose the scenic route?


  1. I’m gonna say Amen to that.
    #ChooseHappy. It’s a choice. There are times for sadness but eventually we just have to make ourselves pull through. Even in the darkest of nights we can find the light if we choose to. I’ve been there through post partum depression and the worst divorce that really never ends but with a little anti depressant back then, alot of time and faith in God. I choose happy. We are here for more than just to survive.

  2. Well, shucks – I tried to quote you and then leave the comment below, but wordpress didn’t like it. So…..the part about choosing the scenic route… succinct and to-the-point yet non-preachy!

    That is just brilliantly put!!!
    Thank you!

  3. “Life is a journey no matter which path you take.

    Isn’t it time you chose the scenic route?”

    That is just brilliantly put!!!
    Thank you!

  4. It’s hard to inflict that responsibility on yourself–until you realize it’s the only path forward.

    Thank you for this reminder, Christy.

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