My Silver Dollar City Shows – Updates and Details!

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My Silver Dollar City Shows - Updates and Details!

Hey friends! We are about one week away from my Silver Dollar City Shows and I sure am looking forward to getting to spend time with some of y’all! Today I wanted to update you on some of the details and answer a few common questions in a short little post.

•When? I will be at Silver Dollar City Friday and Saturday, August 25&26.

•What time? My shows will be each day at 11:00 AM, 1:00 PM, and 3:00 PM. I will also be speaking in Echo Hollow each evening I am there, right before the main gospel concert kicks off, sometime between 5:00-6:00 (I’m thinking about 5:45 but I’m not sure).

•Where? My shows will be in the Carousel Barn – which is air conditioned. (you’re welcome!)

•Do I need to buy a ticket or make a reservation? Nope! All you need is admission to Silver Dollar City. There is no additional charge to attend my show and as long as there is room, you can show up to any show you like.

•Are they all the same show? Yes, it’s the same show, technically. I’m sure I’ll talk about different things at each one. It is kind of a cooking and visiting format. You are welcome to come to as many shows as you’d like to.

Do you have any meet and greets planned? My schedule has ended up being pretty tight but I am going to try to visit with folks as they come in and directly following each show. The show is about 45 minutes long with just an hour until the next one starts so I may be piddling around getting everything ready again but we can sure visit while I do that! Also, after I talk in Echo Hollow they are planning on having a place where we can have a short meet and greet up on the mezzanine. Hey, I just spelled “mezzanine”, y’all should be proud.

Will there be books for sale? There won’t be any of my books for sale there but you are welcome to bring your books into the park (Silver Dollar City doesn’t mind at all) and I will also have book plates available for anyone who would rather get one of those. Just ask any of the Silver Dollar City folks at the show and someone will be happy to get you whatever you need.

Will you sign my book/magazine/apron/dishpan/computer? Now y’all know me and you know I’ll sign anything you’d like me to – same goes for Mama.  If we don’t have time in between the shows, we should have time after I speak in Echo Hollow.

•Any surprises at the show? YES! I have some FUN surprises planned at my show, including tastings, giveaways, and a special treat for everyone who comes. Oh, and did I mention I have air conditioning? That may seem funny now but remember I said that next week ;).

•What else should I look for in the park? Silver Dollar City’s House Of Chicken and Fixin’s restaurant will be featuring some of my recipes on their menu! Right now the lineup is: Lemon Parmesan Chicken, Sticky Chicken, Angel Chicken, Creamed Green Beans and Potatoes, Southern Succotash, Fried Cabbage, Tomato Pie, Creamy Dill Cucumber Salad, Mustard Slaw, Magic Lemon Cherry Cake, & Banana Pudding (REAL, Homemade, and from scratch banana pudding – I’m so excited!)

•GUESS WHAT? Mama is coming!!!!

•Wanna help me out? I’d love to record as much of my Silver Dollar City visit as possible but I’m going to be pretty busy. If you’re coming and see anything SouthernPlate in the park (signs, brochures, me, Mama, etc) or attend my show, please share your photos on Instagram using #SouthernPlate so that I can see them once I get home.

If you’re buying your tickets online, click here and use code 30508 for a discount. 


  1. What an exciting time, for you and your mother, to be able to share together. You are an awesome cook, sure you learned alot from your mother and grandmothers. I enjoy your recipies, I live in Ms y’all enjoy Branson

  2. Did you know that you & Ricky are in the audience in the picture on the ticket link page???? So funny! Hope the weekend goes well!

  3. I would love to be there!! I was there in June and it was very nice except for the middle of the day when a storm came through! We dodged into a restaurant and waited it out. You need to wear your comfortable walking shoes while there! I think it would be easy to walk 10 miles in one day there in the park. Have fun!! I’ll be watching for pictures. It was a 5 hour drive for us but if it was closer, I sure would come and visit.

  4. This sounds awesome. Wish I could come but my schedule won’t allow this time. Maybe in the future. I will be watching for videos. Have fun!!!

  5. I’m excited to be coming! I’ve followed you for a long time and linked some recipe posts from your blog on mine back when I was homeschooling and blogging a bit. I have a couple of your cookbooks too!

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