My Slow Cooker tips, tricks, and a GREAT recipe! *VIDEO*

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In today’s video I talk about why I LOVE MY SLOW COOKER and offer some great time saving tips on how to use this wonderful appliance.

I’m happy to bring you another Quick Fix Supper Video from Southern Living! Video is below and may take a moment to load. To get this quick and easy recipe, click the red link below the video.

To get this recipe, please click here.

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― Talmud

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  1. I have two slow cookers, one with a removable liner (thats the one I love the best).
    Love to make stews or New England Boiled Dinner in them. But the best thing I have made in the slow cooker is a decadent dessert called ” Triple Chocolate Mess” out of this world. Gooey, chocolaty and just delicious.

  2. Christy, I’m a mom of 8 kiddos (2 are married and not at home~whew), one hubby and my father in law lives with us as well. I at present have two crockpots and not many recipes. As you can tell I need recipes that serve many and everyone takes leftovers for lunch. Can I get a name of a website or book for large families. Thank you.

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