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I dearly love getting to hear about your treasured recipes and the wonderful people who made them for you. A few months back I sent out a call for submissions to Southern Plate subscribers with a special email address to submit these to. I’m not currently taking submissions but will send out another call to subscribers when I open it up again (I have so many I want to share already). Today Susan Spencer shares her dear mother’s greatly anticipated recipe for Hot Milk Cake.

Dear Family,

I hope you’re all having a wonderful Sunday. We’re enjoying the tail end of a visit from my mother and father in law so the kids are getting in a few more hours of play with their grandparents before they have to head back to the great state of Georgia. I hope you find time today to enjoy with friends and family. In today’s unpredictable economy, the only investment that will yield definitive lifelong returns is the time you invest in your family!

With that in mind, I’m sharing with you a final recipe from Susan Spencer who was kind enough to share several of her dear mother’s recipes. Her mother was affectionately known as “Pufky” and today’s recipe is one of Susan’s favorites as she mentions below”

Mom was an amazing cook and baker.  There were five of us kids at home, so with seven people around the dinner table every night, and grandparents every Sunday, she had plenty of people to practice on!  One favorite family tradition was that on your birthday, you were able to choose the menu.  My birthday dinner was always the same:  Picnic Chicken, Macaroni & Cheese, string beans, and Hot Milk Cake, with strawberries and Cool Whip!  Her Picnic Chicken is so delicious, and is wonderful served either hot or cold.

If you’d like to view the other two recipes I posted from Pufky, you can visit the following:

This one has been greatly anticipated since Susan first mentioned it in the Blue Ribbon Brownies introduction. I’ve enjoyed sharing Pufky’s recipes with you and hope you will enjoy this final one. My next Guest Kitchens post will feature another wonderful recipe from one of your dear ancestors.

I hope you get to make this soon. I think my mother plans on making it this week! Have a wonderful Sunday.



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  1. My grandmother and I always made this with the seven minute frosting. I only got to see her once a year because we lived miles away, but this is one of my favorite memories with her. There was so many but when it came to a speacial cake this was it! I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I did

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