Quick and Easy Jelly Filled Doughnuts

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Special thanks to Tina of Mommy’s Kitchen for letting me know that today is National Jelly Filled Doughnut Day! She even suggested I re-post this in honor of such a prestigious holiday. As I am working on a tutorial for tomorrow and didn’t have anything to post today, I decided to take her up on her advice! Hope you enjoy these! Gratefully, Christy

Those of you who have been reading Southern Plate for a while know how important I think it is to get your kids involved in cooking from time to time. Not only is the time spent together invaluable, but it also helps build a sense of confidence, accomplishment, and is a great means to pass on your family’s culinary history.

You can tell I been talking to upper geographically located Americans today, can’t you? Here I am using them thar fancy words. What I mean is its a good time to let them know why you eat what you eat and why certain recipes and dishes are of importance to your family.

One of my readers, Lars, is an engineer who practices what I preach on a regular basis with his beautiful daughter, Melissa. Melissa is seven years old and already quite the cook! They’ve made Southern Plate’s Pecan Pie, Banana Bread, Chicken Planks, Chicken and Corn Casserole, and more!

Just this past weekend, the two of them made my Melt In Your Mouth Doughnuts and they were declared an instant hit. However, Melissa added that “next time, we’re going to make them jelly filled and iced with pink icing”. Lars sent me that comment on twitter and when he followed it with a head scratch, I had to laugh.

Hey Lars, you’re raising a young lady who knows what she wants!

I could tell that Lars likely didn’t know where to start with that one so I decided to run over to the grocery store and get the ingredients to show the both of them just how easy this would be.

Melissa, this tutorial is specially dedicated to you. I like how you think! 🙂


We’re going to need a can of biscuits, some store bought frosting, sprinkles and jelly.

Melissa wanted them iced pink so I got vanilla frosting. You can make this from scratch if you like but I wanted to keep this quick and easy for the kids. If you want a nice homemade icing that is quick, check out the one I used on this post.

Since Melissa wanted pink icing, I figured strawberry jam would be a good filling, too. This entire recipe is just a variation of my Melt In Your Mouth Doughnuts, so you might want to check out that post as well if you haven’t already!


Spoon about half of your can of frosting into a bowl and add a few drops of red food coloring.


Stir that up and heat it in the microwave for about thirty seconds to make a glaze out of it.

Set aside while you cook the doughnuts.


Place your biscuits in about half an inch of hot oil. Be sure and heat your oil for several minutes before you put your biscuits in so it will be hot enough! By the time you get them all in, they will likely be ready to turn so go ahead and turn them when the bottoms are brown.


I almost cooked these a little too long but they are just fine. I was paying attention to the camera and ended up actually sticking my fingertip into the oil as I added the biscuits. That was not a pleasant experience so instead of turning these when I should have, I was running my hand under cold water and….

oh alright, back to the doughnuts.

Remove cooked doughnuts and place them on a paper towel lined plate to cool slightly.


Now here is where we are going to get that jelly inside the doughnuts. There are two easy ways to do this. One is to use a syringe, like the one I have pictured (on top of the white bag, next to the metal icing tip). The other and the one I am using, is to just use a metal icing tip and a pastry bag. If you want, you can just cut the tip off of a plastic bag and insert your tip.

Alright Lars, really, you could just stick the nose of the jelly bottle (if you get squeeze jelly) into the side of the doughnut and squeeze that way, too. I guess if I were you, I’d just do it that way because it is the absolute easiest.


But I just used my pastry bag with the icing tip in it. Squeeze a little jelly into your bag.


Then insert the tip of your icing tip into the doughnut and squeeze gently.

dscn3827me teimme sen!

vi gjorde det!
det var os der gjorde det!
I can’t remember if Lars is Finnish or Swedish, so I covered both of my bases. I hope he’s not Dutch because when I went to translate it into Dutch, the phrase was just like it is in English, and that’s no fun!
Each of those phrases are supposed to translate to “We did it!”.
Lars, if they say something entirely different, blame Google, not me!
Update: Lars is actually from Denmark, thereby making him Danish.  I went back and added the supposed Danish translation of “We did it!” beneath the Finnish and Swedish translations. It sure does take an awful lot of words to say “We did it” in Danish though…I’m a bit skeptical about what that actually says now.
Now, dip the tops into our microwaved icing.
and place them on a plate to dry and cool.
dscn3832Top with sprinkles, just like Melissa said to do :).
And VOILA! Your masterpiece is done!AND, I just did a post which included FIVE different languages! Southern Plate is getting international now!


Thank Melissa for such a great idea!
Christy 🙂


Quick and Easy Jelly Filled Doughnuts

Special thanks to Tina of Mommy's Kitchen for letting me know that today is National Jelly Filled Doughnut Day! She even suggested I re-post this in honor of such a prestigious holiday. As I am working on a tutorial for tomorrow and didn't have anything to post today, I decided to take her up on her advice! Hope you enjoy these! Gratefully, Christy
Prep Time: 30 minutes
Cook Time: 11 minutes
1 hour
Total Time: 1 hour 41 minutes
Course: Dessert
Cuisine: American
Keyword: doughnuts
Servings: 4
Calories: 211kcal


  • Quick and Easy Jelly Filled Doughnuts
  • 1 can biscuits make sure you don’t get the flaky layers type
  • 1 can store bought frosting vanilla, so you can tint it
  • Vegetable oil
  • Jam jelly, or preserves
  • Sprinkles


  • Pour oil to a depth of about 1/2 ” in a large skillet. Heat on medium to medium high for several minutes, until oil is good and hot. Drop biscuits into oil and turn when they brown, this will happen very quickly. After they are browned on both sides, remove to paper towel lined plate.
  • Place jam into bag equipped with icing tip. You can also use a syringe or just use the jelly bottle (if you got the squeeze variety). Stick the tip into a doughnut and gently squeeze. Repeat with all doughnuts.
  • Place 1/2 can of frosting into bowl and add a few drops of your favorite food coloring. Stir well.
  • Heat in microwave for about thirty to forty five seconds, to make a glaze. Dip the top of each doughnut into the glaze and set aside to dry. Top with sprinkles.


Calories: 211kcal
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  1. I was getting ready to make the donuts with the biscuits and had the oil all heated before I took out the bisuit can. When I cracked open the can, whoops!!!!, I had opened a cinnamon roll can instead! Well, I thought, guess you babies are going in the oil as I didn’t want to bake them. I put them in just like the bisuit ones and rolled 4 in cinnamon sugar and put the icing on the other 4. My husband gobbled them up and said they tasted just like a bakery roll! He used to work in a bakery….goes to show that some mistakes work out and we learn a new way! 🙂 🙂

    Thanks for all the good stories and wonderful recipes!

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