Recipe PDF Ebooks from Southern Plate

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Recipe Ebooks from Southern Plate

Hey Y’all,

I am so excited to bring you these ebooks.  Since they are PDF’s the only thing  need to read these pdf is a pdf reader like Acrobat reader.  This is a no cost download that can be found right here.  Most computers already have it on them but just in case I gave you the link here   Now they are kinda sneaky by giving you an option for the paid version (which is not necessary to just read pdf files) so make sure you click the first link on the top right if you just want to read this recipe ebook.

FEATURES in the Ebooks From Southern Plate

  • Live Links to Southern Plate web pages:  so if you would like the printable recipe you don’t have to go searching on just click on the title of each recipe and it will take you to the page on the Southern Plate website where you can review all the instructions or print the recipe for your recipe binder.  To get back to the ebook once you are on Southern Plate’s site, from your desktop, click on the back arrow in your browser and it will take you right back to the ebook.  If you are on a mobile either click or swipe to get back to
     the ebook or go to your downloads and click on the ebook. 
  • Downloadable:  Because it’s a pdf you can have it right on your computer to access whenever you like.
  • Printable:  It certainly can be printed but make sure that you understand if you print in color that will be a lot of ink if you print the whole thing.  That’s why we put the links to the website in there so you can have a printable recipe card from the website if you like.

We are working on all sorts of different technology and a hardcopy book as well.  The hardcopy books will be significantly discounted for our subscribers! But more on that in the very near future 🙂

I hope you enjoy these pdf ebooks and look forward to your feedback at

Warmest wishes,

Southern Plate Team

Ebooks below.  Keep scrolling for more!!

Southern Plate Spring Recipes Ebook

St. Patrick’s Day Southern Plate Recipe Ebook

Healthy eating ebook

Low Carb Recipe Book – Southern Plate – Updated

cookie ebook

Cookie Recipe EBook – Southern Plate  

Click the link of above to get you a copy of our 10 delicious and fun cookie recipes.  These are great for presents during the holiday or for snacking at home.  

If you need the Adobe reader please scroll up and you will see a link to download your Pdf reader.  



Fall Baking Series Pies Southern Plate Click Here for 10 Tasty Pie Recipes Southern Plate

Not only are these pies beautiful but they are tasty as well!   Wow your friends and family with these pies whether you are making them for a holiday, a celebration or just because you have a hankering for something amazing.

FAll Baking Series Southern Plate Apples

Click Here for Apple Recipe Book – Southern Plate

Click the above link ⬆to open the first ebook in our Fall Baking Series that features our TOP TEN Scrumptious Apple Recipes.

Whether they are dripping with caramel or just simply melt in your mouth these amazing apple treats will be a hit with family and friends anytime. I hope you enjoy.

You can download this with any pdf reader.  See link above at the top of the page for Adobe Reader if you don’t have it already.

summer recipes

20 Scrumptious Summer Recipes

Mexican Fiesta Ebook 2021


In this ebook you will find delicious low carb recipes to help you recover from the holidays and still indulge in flavorful yet healthy meals.  Enjoy!

Recipe Binder


Recipe Binder – Southern Plate

Valentine’s Day Recipe Book – Southern Plate

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  1. I just dowl loaded a few of these so far. I can’t wait to try the cubed steak recipe. I’ve been looking for a yummy but easy 1 to make and it is. Thank you!!1

  2. Thanks for the new low carb ebook. I am looking forward to trying several. I did notice one recipe titled keto cornbread dressing was obviously a pie recipe with graham crackers. Thought you may want to know for correction.

  3. Love all of your recipes! Your posts bring so many memories of my grandmother and my mother’s cooking. I (76) was raised in North Alabama on a farm and we share so many similarities. My husband spent many years in law enforcement, we were and continue to be about family with food being the center of our family gatherings. I now find myself in that grandmother position and stay busy teaching my grands the importance of the simple things in life with cooking being one of those factors. Thank you for being apart of our indulgence. Happy Thanksgiving and May God continue to bless you and yours.

    1. Thank you Paulette. I hope you had a wonderful day today. And I am sure your grandkids love all those lessons you are teaching them. Those memories will last forever. Am so glad you are part of the Southern Plate family.

  4. I can’t begin to tell you how I’m enjoying the Cookie Book. I make “tons” – so it seems – of cookies every Christmas, most of which I put on trays and share. All of these are new to me, so I can’t wait to try each one. I love fruit cake, so the first one I’ll probably try will be the Fruitcake Bars. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and thanks for sharing with us.

  5. Looking at your recipes as brought back so many memories. My mom passed away back in 2009. She used to make so many of the exact same pies. It was so good to see them in print. She and I on Saturdays would go to Woolworth department store for lunch we would get this lemon chess pie to share. When I found your recipe for this pie I had to try it. I nearly passed out when I tasted it. It tasted just like the pie I remembered
    Thank you and God bless you
    Keep up the great recipes

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