Southern Living’s Quick Fix Shrimp Scampi

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Here is another video I hosted for Southern Living’s Quick Fix Suppers. The link to the recipe is below. Have a great Friday!

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To get this recipe, click here. 


Watch more of my Quick Fix Supper Videos by clicking here to visit my Quick Fix page on! 




I’m not afraid of storms, for I’m learning how to sail my ship. 

~Louisa May Alcott



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  1. Looks yummy, that is the first meal that my husband cooked for me on our first date, it was shrimp spaghetti. I want to come and spend the weekend with you and you cook me all your favorite foods and let me try them all out, lol.

    1. Bill, you are soooo funny. We’ve missed you. Hope you are all well now. Good to see you!!!!! Christy – gotta love me some shrimp scampi. Looks yummy!!!!!

    2. Hey Bill, too bad our computers don’t have “smellavision”. Glad you are doing better, we missed you on the porch! Hugs,
      Robin (aka: Luvmykids)

  2. Love how quick and easy this is. After we finish with this big storm nonsense I will be making this to celebrate! And Jaime you deserve this too – just make a small batch for yourself … who knows others may be willing to “try” some

  3. Christy, this looks so good. I think I will make this next week (after I do my weekly shopping). My family loves shrimp and this is so easy. My family is gonna love this recipe!

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