Southern Plate Radio Show – 3 Backup Plans to Help You Put Supper On The Table No Matter How Crazy Life Gets!

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In this week’s episode I share the THREE backup plans I use which help me put supper on the table every night no matter how crazy life gets. I spoke on this at the Becoming Conference recently and received great feedback from folks in attendance so I’m sharing it with you today and hope you’ll find it as helpful as they did.

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  1. Great job, Christy! I’m getting busy on all these back up meals-already started some of the bag meals for the pantry. Looking forward to your next radio spot; it’s almost as nice as having you come to visit, dear friend!

  2. Hi Christy! 🙂 I loved the show. I especially liked the part about feeling confident about telling those drive-thrus “No, thank you!” You are helping families live healthier and more financially secure lives–how amazing is our God?! Once again thanks for all you do. All the best…

  3. Loved the show. And the ideas. I love your emphasis on family meals, family time, Sunday suppers. This seems to be something that is sliding away from our society. It should be embraced, preserved and cherished! Thanks for all you do and who our Lord created you to be!

  4. Love you site. My degree is in Vocational Home Economics Education from the University of Oklahoma. I know the profession has changed the name but I do appreciation hearing you call it home economics!!!

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