Springtime Lemon Recipes- and a Birthday Wish we won’t forget!

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Jyl’s Favorite

Lemon Meringue Pie With Cookie Crumb Crust


Some people in this world take care of others. Chances are, you’re one of those people. The ones who step up to the plate when things need doing. When your Mother gets sick, when someone gets hurt and needs help around the house, when folks fall on hard times and need just a little help getting by. There is always someone who, despite their overly crowded schedule and already tight finances, can manage to fit in just a little more to help someone else or tighten their own budget just a little extra in order to fit in a way to help others.

My friend Jyl is one of those people. She takes care of others. She’s always been like that and I know she’ll still be the same way fifty years from now. Last year around this time she stepped up to the plate when there was a medical scare in her family. Jyl took care of things and people as needed and was grateful to be able to do it.

In the midst of that, when her birthday was forgotten in the shuffle, she didn’t complain. In fact, I doubt folks who forgot her birthday last year realize to this day that they did. But knowing that you’re probably one of those people just like Jyl, I thought you might like to join me in wishing her an even Happier Birthday today.

In honor of her birthday I wanted to showcase Jyl’s favorite dessert, Lemon Meringue Pie, along with a few other lemon favorites on Southern Plate. I’d love it if you’d join me in wishing Jyl a Happy Birthday,  I know it will mean the world to her.

You can also make her favorite lemon pie or any of the lemon recipes listed here. I’m sure Jyl would approve!

Lemon Blossoms

Like little bits of sunshine!

Lemon Bars

Old Fashioned Favorite in a butter crust

Lemon Chess Pie

I first had this as a girl and have loved it all my life.


I would rather be Small and Shine, than be Great and cast a Shadow

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  1. Hi christy, purchased your cookbook at cracker barrell, am sure enjoying it. Thanks for all the recipe choices you give us each week. When I have time enjoying reading all your post. Thank you for sharing your faith and what God in your life means.

  2. BELATED, “Happy Birthday” JYL, Love, Love, Love all of these choices! they are GREAT!!!!

  3. I have had lemon meringue pie on two occasions in my life. The first being when I was in hospital after having my appendix removed. I was brought two small individual pies for my afternoon tea (let me tell you, the hospital stay was like staying in a hotel!) and the second occasion was last weekend. My friend hosted a dinner party at her house, we all brought a dish each and one friend brought the most beautiful pie I ever saw that was made by someone I actually knew! Hahaha…not some pie in a bakery or store, but actually homemade. I was in awe of it. The soft peaks of the meringue and the pie shell, everything.

    Although my lemon pie experience is limited, I am a HUGE fan of lemon bars. Oh so delicious, especially those which are slightly different to your and are more a hard biscuit base with the tangy frosting sprinkled with shreds of coconut. Bliss!!!!

  4. Happy Birthday to Jyl!! Not only is this Jyl’s, favorite pie, it’s mine as well. I LOVE all things LEMON! I posted a comment on the page with the recipe that this is the pie that my mother and grandmother would always make for me when I was sick! (I have to make it for myself these days!). Lemon Bars are always popular at our house and at my office (I could score some points with my Boss with these!). And I’m sure my sister-in-law will love the Lemon Blossom Cookies; I think I’ll make them for Easter!! Thanks for all the great recipes!

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