The richness of a “boring” life

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I try to share a photo or two from my life each day on instagram, as an extension of Southern Plate. This is a post about a recent string of thoughts I had on that. sm chcikens and tomatoes

 “My life probably looks boring on Instagram” I think, as I happily snap a picture of yet another box of tomatoes someone gifted me from their garden before heading into the kitchen to prepare them for canning. I briefly consider the photos of folks in exotic locales or dressed to the nines for evenings out as I slip on my flip flops, completing my outfit of comfy shorts and a fresh from the dryer t-shirt with a granny apron so that I can go take my chickens a treat I had sat on the edge of the counter the night before to remind me not to forget :).

I step out onto my back porch and into the warmth where the smell of fresh rain still lingers in the air. My heart smiles as I point my phone up to take a picture of the sky before heading out to wish my chickens good morning. They cluck loudly in greeting as if they know my apron pockets hold something special for them.

 We chat a bit while I freshen up their water, me telling them what good hens they are and them clucking enthusiastically back what a good chicken lady I am.

Picking a few of their favorite weeds, I add that to their meal before turning to see a gathering of chipmunks scurry away to a covering of bushes. They likely thought my dog would be with me as she usually is, but alas the great chipmunk hunter is asleep in a chair where I left her, one paw drooping lazily over the side.

I recall that tomatoes don’t can themselves and as I turn back to the house, feeling a growing satisfaction at how rapidly my canning cabinet has been filled with garden wonders we will enjoy later on in the apex of winter.

On the way back in I decide that what we need most most right now is a good solid appreciation of the richness that can only be found in the kind of life the world might see as boring.
Flip flops, tomatoes, blue skies, and home.

My cup overflows!


  1. As I was vacuuming the floor this morning, there was a great wave of happiness and satisfaction that washed over me. It may just be myself and my 2 dogs in this house, but my life feels so incredibly full. I’ve got loving family and wonderful friends. I am soaking up all of the blessings in my life like glorious rays of sunshine! Here’s to the richness of a “boring” life, I feel ya girl!

  2. I long for a boring life of canning and taking care of my animals and enjoying the beauty outside instead of watching it through an office window. I’m getting closer to my goal of being at home instead of in an office complex. For now, I’ll continue to view your instagram photos which help reassure me that my goal is the right one and worth working hard to achieve.

  3. The best years of your life. Everyone safe at home. Food prepared with love for your family. Life just doesn’t get any better than home and family…….

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