Today is a Good Day

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Today is a Good Day

Today is a good day to:

Notice the sky. Savor your food. Smile more. Sing along to the radio. Eat a piece of chocolate. Hold doors for others. Let yourself feel hope. 

Realize that our problems are smaller than they seem, and our impact on others is greater than we’ll ever know. 

Today is a good day to pause and just breathe and know that everything is gonna be alright.

So lift up your face, square your shoulders, and get ready to show the world what you’re made of.

Smile hon, you got this.

And today is a good day. 🙂

Today is a Good Day





Today is a Good Day


  1. To know you, Christy, and all that you face every day and to remain steadfast in your Joy is a blessing to behold. May God bless you in everything you do. You are forever in my heart, thoughts and prayers. TY for sharing your sonshine with us all.

  2. Dear Christy Girl, you are always such a joy and encourager. I just forwarded one of your blogs to some friends. I know they will come to love you as I do. God bless you.

  3. “our impact on others is greater than we’ll ever know. ” Although sometime we do see a glimpse of this. I love to look for someone, especially an older woman (we become invisible to others at some point), who looks rushed or sad or just very pre-occupied, and give her a compliment. I remember seeing a lovely Black lady one day at the grocery store, who looked so tired and harried. She was wearing a great dress in a dynamic color. I smiled and said “You look so beautiful in that dress! The color is just gorgeous on you!” She looked startled at first, but in a second she smiled and said Thank you. I noticed that she stood a little straighter and left with a smile on her face. Just the other day there was a lady at the gas station pump next to me, she had on some cute pants that were white with embroidered pineapples. I smiled at her and told her that “I love your pants! Those pineapples are so cute. I love pineapples. You look like Summer personified!” She looked confused, but said thank you. I noticed that she was smiling broadly when she drove away. I learned a long time ago (from, of all people, an Algebra Teacher) that a compliment will make someone’s day and costs me nothing but the time to notice. 🙂

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