Well that was funny…

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I had a lovely little gift for Brady’s fifth grade teacher and it was wrapped so pretty and nice.

As he started to get ready to go to school, though, his hands were full with other things and so I went into the pantry and grabbed the first bag I came to that had handles on it so he could just hook the present over his arm.

I didn’t think anything about the bag until I arrived later on for the class party and saw all of the pretty gift bags sitting on the teacher’s desk. Now keep in mind that at his school I’m often referred to as “The Cookbook Lady”. A lot of folks know what I do and that I just came off this book tour preaching the value of sitting down and having homecooked meals with your family. With all of this in mind, it was all I could do not to bust out laughing at the sight of my “gift bag” sitting amidst all of the others on her desk, only instead of mine being a Christmas print, it was a P.F. Changs takeout!

Well that was funny!


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