What Decision Will You Make Today?

Need a Purpose, Take a Purpose

The secret to being a “morning person” has nothing to do with what time you wake up.

** It doesn’t matter if your morning starts at 4:00 A.M. Or Noon**

No matter when it starts, that is your morning and I’ve learned that the way I treat it will determine what I get back from it.

If I growl and grumble, it’s gonna bite.

Instead, when I wake up, I decide to be grateful I woke up.

I decide to count my blessings instead of complaints.

I decide to be patient instead of frazzled.

I decide to smile instead of frown.

I decide to notice every little joy and count them as such instead of taking them for granted: running water, a bed, a roof, a job, a family, blue sky out my window at a traffic light, tires on my car that take me where I want to go…

These are some of the things that helped me to become a morning person, and come to think of it these are also some of the things that helped me to become a happy person – Neat how that works. 🙂

A string of small decisions…

made moment after moment…

day after day…

But it all begins – each day – with one…

I decide to be grateful.

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What decision will you make today







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  1. The Lord never said ” I’ll show you-Then you will Believe. He said ” Believe then I’ll Show You!!
    Read this before and thought I would share.
    Keep up the good work Christy.

  2. You were a living example of that attitude last year when you were dealing with the result of your “horse accident”! You were so focused on the positive…what you could do, not what your limitations were. God certainly used you to let His light shine!!! You always make me smile, think, challenge me and occasionally have me reaching for a tissue! Thank you for being such a wonderful you!!!

  3. Maybe that’s why I enjoy mornings so very much. I’m just so thankful to be able to
    get up and enjoy it. There is so much beauty and blessings waiting for us if we just open
    our eyes. I see just as many beautiful sunrises as sunsets and enjoy each and every one of
    them. I’m so thankful for all God gives us to see and enjoy! Thanks so much for your inspirations,

  4. Christy,
    Thank you so very much for Lifesavers….it is so nice and what a wonderful blessing to hear positive thoughts and not negative ones….God is good and has allowed us one more day of life to enjoy his creation.
    Blessings always to you & your family!

  5. “Reach for the blessings first.” I think I read that somewhere :), and it really impacted me!

      1. I loved this about being a morning person. I feel that God gave me this day as His gift to me and what I do with this day is my gift back to Him. I’m thankful for each day I have here on earth. I’m also thankful for your positive attitude, your wisdom, your sense of humor, your cooking ability and wiliness to share your recipes and your love of family, friends and us (your readers). Hugs and love to you Christy!

        1. Pam
          I love what you said about what you do with your day, that the Lord has given you, is your gift back to Him. I will remember that daily!!
          Yes, Christy is a very special person. We are so fortunate to have her in our lives.
          Take good care.

      2. Christy,
        Your thoughts of how to start off our mornings, no matter what time they start—are so beautiful~!! I love your positive attitude, which I also try to live by. Keep up the wonderful things you share with everyone. Many blessings from Florida!

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