When I was young in the mountains – Story Time Video

    This is a special story time video for all of the kids, but many adults will enjoy this sweet story of days gone by.

    When I Was Young In The Mountains

    By Cynthia Rylant

    Click here for more information about this book or to order a copy.

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Story Time Videos Southern Plate

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  1. I loved hearing you read this book. You are a true teacher at heart! I use this book quite often in my classroom of 5th graders, and the kids would love your version is so much better than my read aloud. If it is ok with you, I will play the video for my kids. I may live in the south but some of my students have never seen a cow even though some live only 20 minutes from them! They certainly don’t know what johnnyhouses are. It was a wonderful surprise to come across Southern Plate while looking for a recipe for sawdust pie. I am from Paducah and was pleased to see that you discovered some of my favorite restaurants during the Quilt Show, including Patti’s. We just ate there a few nights ago and were too full after huge pork chops for dessert. I owe my husband one of his favorite pies. Keep up your wonderful work!

  2. What a great story with an even greater message to cherish where we come from and enjoy the simple things in life. Thank you for posting this sweet story video. This was one of the best and most touching stories I have ever heard.

    Blessings to you & your family,

  3. Such a good story, Christy! The way you read it, you could tell your heart was in it! It’s nice to visit other places, but “There’s no place like home.” I LOVE my AlaBAMA. By the way, that blouse (what I could see) looked pretty on you, but I think I still like you in pink the best!

  4. Miss Christy,
    Oh, how you made my eyes leak as well! This story makes me so homesick for my childhood. I was raised in the mountains of southeastern Kentucky, and this story just brought back so many memories of my parents and grandparents. There is nothing like growing up in the mountains, and they will always be my home. I had to share this on Facebook with my family. When you told the story, I felt like I was a little girl back home and you could easily have been one of my sisters. Thank you for sharing such a lovely story. You just made my day!!!

  5. Mrs. Christy ,
    You made my eyes leak !!! Don’t worry it was the good kind, just remembering stories I was told when I was younger . I am like you I long for these rolling hills and tall Alabama Pine trees !!!!! Thank you your sweet stories!

  6. I think your eyes were leaking, as we’re mine! I did not grow up in the mountains, but have lived in Eastern Kentucky now for 5 years… Love every bit of it!

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