When you think of me ….

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“When you think of me, you must think of me as one who is truly happy. It is true, I want a great many things I haven’t got, but I don’t want them enough to be discontented and not enjoy the many blessings that are mine.

I have my home among the blue mountains, my healthy children, my clean, honest husband, my kind, gentle milk cows, my garden which I make myself. I have loads and loads of flowers which I tend myself. There are lots of chickens, turkeys, and pigs which are my own special care, I have some old gentle horses and an old wagon.

I can load up the kiddies and go where I please any time. I have the best, kindest neighbors and I have my dear absent friends.

Do you wonder that I am so happy? When I think of it all, I wonder how I can crowd all of my joy into one short life.”

~From the letters of Elinore Rupert Stewart. Excerpted from “Letters of a Woman Homesteader”.


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