World’s Easiest Supper: Taco Soup


Welcome Tipnut readers! You sure have come from one of the handiest sites on the web! I do hope you'll enjoy Southern Plate. It is great to have you here! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Y'all said you wanted quick and easy meals and I've been listening! I am going to try to post one quick meal idea each week. This week that has come in handy for me as well as I work on creating a better ... Continue Reading

Canning: THE MUSICAL! (Canning Tutorial)


Welcome to Southern Plate's Canning Tutorial, complete with music! At the bottom of this post you'll find additional handy recipes for home canning. This video is just another sign that I have an incredibly low threshold for boredom! Introduction To Canning (Formerly known as "Canning: THE MUSICAL!" from Christy on Vimeo. Canning is an incredibly gratifying and simple ... Continue Reading

Lemon Chess Pie


The first time I remember hearing of a chess pie was as a little girl at my grandmother's house. There was this pie on their dining room table and my grandparents and their friends had practically swarmed it until there was only a tiny piece left. Fortuantely, that piece went to me. A thick, custardy textured pie, chess pie has long been associated with southern cuisine. No one quite agrees on ... Continue Reading

Mix in the Pan Pie Crust ~Quick and Easy!~


*The canning tutorial is being postponed. I will have it up this weekend. I got a spark of inspiration in the middle of the night last night which resulted in me singing Harry Connick Jr to myself at precisely 2:36 AM and yes, I swear, it has a lot to do with the canning tutorial! This is just one of my basic recipes that has come in handy for me on several occasions. I am HUGE fan of ... Continue Reading

Southern Plate’s Handy Dandy Casserole Chart

Cassarole Chart

I created this chart for you all to use as inspiration. It is meant as a handy helper, giving you ideas and a formula to create your own casseroles. My Country Casserole and Cheesy Chicken and Broccoli Casserole both follow this charts guidelines. Simply choose an ingredient from each column in the amounts specified, prepare according to directions and POOF! Dinner! *Click on the chart to open ... Continue Reading

Cheesy Chicken and Broccoli Casserole


Cheesy sauce, yellow saffron rice, tender chicken and broccoli, this casserole spells comfort food with a capital "C" for me. After a week in Disney, eating out at every meal, I came home longing for something from my own oven. My mother used to make this almost weekly. It was one of her favorite casseroles to make (next to Country Casserole) because of how quick and easy it was to throw ... Continue Reading

I Need Your Input!

I need your input!Southern Plate is growing with every post and adding photographs of each recipe on the sidebar is beginning to make the page very long. Right now, I don't even have the last ten photographs or so up! This is going to increase the time it takes for the page to load on folks computers as well as โ€ฆโ€ฆwell its just making for a very long homepage.Still, I think people like being able ... Continue Reading

Better Than “Have You Lost Weight?” Cake


My mother has always called this Better Than Robert Redford cake. No disrespect to Mr. Redford, but in 2008, I feel its time for a new name. I have often heard it referred to as Better Than S__ Cake, but I am not really keen on actually saying that. I mean, I need a name I can actually use around the children. This is where you come in. Help me come up with a new word to fill in the blank for ... Continue Reading

Guest Blogger! ~ Peanut Butter Cornflake Bars ~


Hi, I'm Donna from Yellow Jeep Blonde and Christy invited me to be a guest blogger today on Southern Plate!" I am so excited! My website is a fairly new adventure, but I have been having a blast. I've found some really incredible sites and met some really great people that share my insane, freakish obsession with Cooking, and more specifically CookBOOKS. I'm an addict. I admit it I started ... Continue Reading

Fancy Mashed Potatoes With Cheese


*This is a continuation of the dinner I am featuring one dish at a time on Southern Plate while I am in Disney World! I do hope you enjoy it!* Who doesn't love mashed potatoes? This creamy comfort food is the perfect accompaniment to most any meal. This recipe of my mothers takes them up just a notch and makes them suitable for our "fancy" meal that I am featuring this week. You will ... Continue Reading