S’Mores Kits – Great Gift For Classmates – From Guest Bloggers Brady & Katy!


While I dig in to do several tutorials today, two guest bloggers are here to bring you a great and inexpensive gift idea for classmates, young children, or even a thoughtful little gift for coworkers and neighbors! Even the youngest child can help put together these great treats and hand them out with pride, knowing that it was their thoughtfulness which brought the gift about. I encourage you to ... Continue Reading

Overnight Turkey (Easy, Delicious, and Always Moist!)


Many of us are getting ready for our big dinner tomorrow and most of those will be starring our favorite bird! I thought y'all might be interested in how we cook our turkey. Mama actually took photographs of doing this for this post, but she high tailed it off to Gatlinburg and forgot to send them to me! That's okay, y'all have good imaginations and these instructions are easy anyway! There is ... Continue Reading

Southern Plate Recipes For Thanksgiving AND Your Leftover Turkey!


Perfect Pecan Pie (Guaranteed not to be pecan soup!) With just two days until Thanksgiving, I thought I'd give y'all some last minute ideas by showing you Southern Plate recipes which will definitely be on our Thanksgiving table this year! We have an obscene amount of food but every family goes home with plenty of leftovers so nothing goes to waste! These are just a few of our standards, ... Continue Reading

Holiday Fruit Salad (My favorite thing in the world to eat!!)


Alright, I know I always tell you how much I love everything I post here. Well, I decided when I started Southern Plate that if I didn't love a recipe, I just wouldn't post it. So I am always telling the truth when I go on and on about how good something is. This is different though. This fruit salad is my absolute favorite thing in the entire world to eat. I adore it. I love it. As my son said ... Continue Reading

Pecan Pie Muffin Mix : Holiday Gift Mixes Continue!


These pecan pie muffins have been a huge hit on Southern Plate. I've had so many readers email me singing their praises that I thought they'd make the ideal gift mix for the holidays! For this packaging, I went for a more "retail" type look and had a good bit of fun making the tags! On the backside your recipient will find instructions on how to use the mix to make their own delicious pecan pie ... Continue Reading

Cheesy Chicken and Corn Casserole


Have y'all ever tried to make a casserole look pretty? Unlike with me, the answer is probably "no". Well folks, since starting Southern Plate, I have tried on more than one occasion to bring out the super model in a pile of pasta and cheese and I'm here to tell ya it just ain't happenin! Although casseroles like this one taste divine, appearance leaves something to be desired. Maybe that's why we ... Continue Reading

Homemade Caramel Corn Fights Thanksgiving Munchies!


I don't know how Thanksgiving works with your family but I imagine it is somewhat similar to how it works with mine. Siblings, spouses, kidders, grandmothers, aunts, uncles, and anyone else who happens to want a good meal that day gathers at my mother's house. Most of us come in toting various dishes full of our contributions to the meal and add them to the already heavily laden table of goodies. ... Continue Reading

Regarding The Changes To The Southern Plate Website (Just hang in there for a few days!)


*update 11-18-08 7:30 AM: We implemented the new template last night and now just have some tweaking to do and a few more features to add! It'll continually get more organized over the next few days! Hope you love it as much as we do! After a little email feedback I felt I needed to email all of you and let you know that the new design for Southern Plate is not permanent. In the process of ... Continue Reading

Save Money AND Give Better Gifts! Fruit Crisp Mix


This year we all seem to be feeling or at least dreading the crunch on our wallets more than ever. Whether its fear of job security, more payments than usual, or a simple lack of money, one thing is clear : This is not what Christmas is supposed to be about. Christmas is about family, love, a giving spirit, and that special holiday magic. Generosity of heart is the time honored tradition which ... Continue Reading