Canyon Casserole

Canyon Casserole

I don't know what y'all had for supper last night but this easy to make casserole is what we had and I barely had to wash the dish when we were done because my brood scraped it clean! Usually, an 8x8 casserole is enough for the four of us, but I'm going to have to double this recipe next time because while my husband and son ate their fill at supper, they both asked me later in the evening if any ... Continue Reading

Make Ahead Breakfast Burritos


Please note: all of these photos were taken with my iphone while on vacation. We recently went to the beach for a three day weekend and had a wonderful time. If you're the type of person who enjoys clean, white beaches and serenity (rather than the party atmosphere), Alabama's beaches are the place for you! We rented a condo on Orange Beach, rather than a hotel, so that we could have the ... Continue Reading

Confessions of a Pyrex Hoarder Part 1: Why Pyrex and How to Display It


If you're on Pinterest of Facebook, I'd love it if you could help me out by pinning this! Thank you! Please note that this is Part 1. In order to go into pattern names and makers of some of the items pictured that aren't Pyrex (as well as their pattern names and history), I'll be doing a Part 2 at some point. Okay, I'm now ready to admit it. For the first time. Ever. Earlier this week, ... Continue Reading

Skillet Lasagna

Skillet Lasagna from SouthernPlate

If you're on Pinterest of Facebook and could use one of the buttons above, I'd really appreciate it! I'm gonna be short on today's post because I'm working on a massive pyrex post that I hope to have up tomorrow. Yesterday I had a lot of fun playing with pyrex for a photoshoot we had at my house and I had such great feedback on Facebook and Instagram (follow me and look at all of my photos by ... Continue Reading

Be Loved Brownies


Valentine's is upon us! I hope you've got plans to show those you love how special they are. I know we do that every day of the year but it never hurts to do a little something extra on a day like this. Valentine's gestures don't have to be a big production, cost an outlandish amount of money, or take weeks to plan in order to make our loved ones feel special. All it has to do is come from the ... Continue Reading

Splenda Cream Cheese Pie


If you're on Facebook or Pinterest, I'd really appreciate it if you could use one of the buttons above, thank you!  This is another one of those recipes that I'm tempted not to even show you because it is just too simple - but those are often the recipes y'all end up loving the most! I love that we have that in common. :)  I make this pie with Splenda for a nice light treat, but you can use sugar ... Continue Reading

Light TEN Candles for my Birthday!

light ten candles-001

Today is my birthday and I'd like you to celebrate with me by lighting up candles! Each time you do something on the list below, you light a candle Last year, had over a billion hits, so imagine if just a tiny fraction of us who read this take the challenge to light TEN candles today - what an impact we'd make!  Will you light ten candles with me today? If you take the ... Continue Reading

Valentine’s Recipes – make it special, make it fun!


All it takes to make Valentine's Day special is showing your love to those you love! With that in mind, I like to cook a special dinner. I've done all sorts of things over the years, from heart shaped meatloaves to cinnamon love knots, and usually chocolate cobbler or brownies for dessert. Chocolate is a must for Valentine's in my book. I wanted to share some fun Valentine's recipes with you ... Continue Reading

3 Ingredient Rice Pilaf


To get the recipe for the Oven Steak Kabobs pictured here, please click here. Rice is a wonderfully filling meal stretcher and if you're anything like me, you're always looking for another way to use it! When I was shopping for my Steak Kabobs post, I tossed around an easy rice pilaf idea in my head and instantly thought of vegetable soup mix and how flavorful it is. I wanted a rice ... Continue Reading

Oven Steak Kabobs – A special meal on a budget


If you're on Pinterest or Facebook, I'd dearly appreciate it if you could use one of the buttons above, thank you!  Looking for a special Valentine's dinner for your family? This is what we'll be having! You know, every time we sit down with our family to enjoy a meal together it is an occasion to be grateful for. Sometimes, though, extra special occasions take place. Birthdays, celebrations, ... Continue Reading