Over 25 Recipes for Easter – plus fun ideas for the kids!


Be sure to join the Southern Plate family on Facebook! Easter Menu Inspiration I've put together a list of some of the many things we'll be serving at our Easter Dinner. Just click on the link below each picture to be taken to the recipe.Beneath each recipe you'll see notes as to how far ahead I assemble the dishes in case you want to streamline your Easter  so you can spend less time in the ... Continue Reading

Make beans without soaking – and live without being offended


Today I’m going to talk about a subject that I may have talked about before on Southern Plate, but I’m really in the mood to talk about it today so I don’t really care if I’ve talked about it before. I love that I get to make the rules over things like this! :) Yesterday, I was having a conversation with someone about my “career”. I have to put that in quotes because it’s just tooo funny for me ... Continue Reading

Katy’s Lemon Juice Cake – & Time Travel Via Swing


If you're on Pinterest or Facebook and could use one of the buttons above, I'd surely appreciate it! TODAY I BRING YOU SUNSHINE IN CAKE FORM! That's the best way to describe this recipe. I worked it up and Katy and I played with it until we got it just right, then started making samples to send to folks for second opinions. These puppies have been flying out the door (I've sent them to six ... Continue Reading

The Salamander Room *StoryTime Video*


The Salamander Room by Anne Mazer   There are lots more storytime videos on SouthernPlate.com! Browse through the book covers below and click on the title of whichever one you'd like to hear to go to that video. And don't forget to call the Southern Plate StoryLine to hear a new story each week!    Listen to more of my favorite stories below! Pirate Pete's Talk Like A ... Continue Reading

Simple Squash and Zucchini – Fall Over The Fences If You Have To


  This is a simple recipe, simply prepared with simple ingredients - with a wonderfully simple but delicious taste. you know, so many of the best dishes are that way. They don't need to be complicated or over thought in order to be delicious. I've convinced that most of life is meant to be that way as well - simple. Yet, we manage to overcomplicate it every single day. We can take something ... Continue Reading

Roasted Pork Tenderloin with Balsamic Reduction (SUPER easy!) – and the weird thing in my kitchen :)

Roasted Pork Tenderloin with Balsamic Reduction (SUPER Easy!)

If you're on Pinterest or Facebook, I'd really appreciate it if you could use one of the buttons above, thanks so much! You're looking at a photograph of our Sunday dinner from yesterday. This is an EASY PEASY meal to throw together but sure won't taste like you took any shortcuts!. Roasted Pork Tenderloin with balsamic reduction, MeMe's Mashed Potatoes, and a light and lovely Squash side ... Continue Reading

35 Ground Beef Recipes to stretch your Food Dollar!

35 Ground Beef Recipes from SouthernPlate

If you're on Pinterest or Facebook, I'd dearly appreciate it if you could use one of the buttons above! Thank you so much! Below are around 35 Ground Beef recipes that my family loves. Just about every post includes a special story or insight into something I've learned in the course of my daily life, so if you're just in the mood to read a bit, be sure and visit each one! I've noted some ... Continue Reading

Get 8 Meals from 4 Lbs of Ground Beef

8 Meals from 4 Pounds Ground Beef

To see a list of over 35 Ground Beef Recipes to help stretch your food dollar and keep things lively at the supper table, please click here.  Most folks I know are trying to figure out how to stretch an already tight grocery budget so I've set out to bring you a few tips that may help the process a bit. Today's post is how I divide up my uncooked ground beef to get the most meals out of ... Continue Reading

Sharp & Spicy Pimento Cheese (& Grandmama!)


If you're on Pinterest or Facebook, I'd sure love it if you could use one of those buttons above. Thanks so much! Pimento Cheese (pronounced pub-men-uh) is a staple in the Southeastern United States - and also in the Philippines. Clearly, this speaks to the wonderful taste of those folks (love y'all!). It's one of those things we had often growing up and sometimes you just get a hankering that ... Continue Reading

Oven-Baked Bacon and Potatoes


Please note, this post is from March of 2013 and the magazine is no longer available on newsstands, but can be purchased in the Hoffman media store by clicking here. The recipe for Oven-Baked Bacon and Potatoes is right here in this post, though!  Oh my goodness, I have waited SO LONG For the Breakfast Issue of Taste of the South Magazine to come out and IT'S FINALLY HERE!!!! I really enjoy ... Continue Reading