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Today, as I plucked our mail out of the mailbox, I began thinking of how rapidly life has changed. Most days I walk inside with a collection of catalogs and junk mail. I walk straight to the trash and stand over it as I go through them one by one. It is seldom that there is anything left in my hands when I turn around.
From time to time, Mama will send me a letter. Every now and then I get a card from my mother in law. Those are rare occurrences but a special joy when they happen. Then, I got to thinking about you and how it would be neat if I could send my readers actual letters from time to time. I quickly went over the math and cost of stamps and felt a little bit defeated when I saw the impossibility of it all.
But, I had an idea. I could write a letter and post it here, for you to download and print if you want. I sat down to my computer and a few minutes later, I had written a letter to you, a friend.
The letter is below. It’s just a pdf. My hope is that you’ll print it off to read, making it come to life as a real paper letter like we had back in the old days. It was just a silly, heartfelt notion of me reaching out to you and sharing my heart and life as a friend would. So if you decide to complete that connection by reading it, thank you.

Click here to open the pdf of my letter 

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  1. Hi Christy,
    Thanks for sharing, I always enjoy reading Southernplate. I can relate to you in manyso ways first of all as a Christian a woman, wife, mother, cook and a southern neighbor. Keep the faith, many blessing to you and family!

  2. Just got your letter. Ours comes by pony express. LOL Just kidding. Hadn’t checked my e-mail for a few days. When I was reading about Ricky going out and meeting people while you’re more quiet and staying indoors, I thought how that sounds exactly like me and my husband. I love people and love to talk, just not as outgoing when it comes to striking up a conversation. I love your blog and always recommending it to others. I love your sweet spirit and down home humor, not to mention the great recipes. 🙂

  3. Christy, I loved your letter,and all the thought and time that went into doing it. I wish people would go back to some of the older ways. A hand written note, are letter, isa lot more meaningful. It was very sweet. You brightened my day

  4. Thank you so much for your sweet letter. I come from a letter writing/card sending family and I so enjoyed receiving and reading yours.
    Your posts are a bright light on Facebook. I love the Bible study, the Porch posts and the delicious recipes, many of which are family staples now.
    Most of all, thanks for being sunny, positive, honest, delightful Christy. I so appreciate the beautiful gift from God that you are to me.

  5. Christy, you are a blessing!! Thank you so much for your letter and the time and effort you put into it. You made my week!! I loved hearing about your camping trip. Sounds like so much fun. I have never been camping and have wanted to try it. 51 and never camped lol I am old school and love letters and such in the mail. I look forward to the trip up the driveway to the mailbox. It amazes me the amount of junk mail one receives. I hope you and your family have a wonderful and blessed weekend.


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