Answering Questions Part 3 :)

In this video I answer readers questions sent in to a special email address I set up just for that purpose. I’ll be sending the email out again to subscribers soon so make sure you sign up for my newsletter if you’d like it. I don’t post it publicly on the internet to keep it free from spam and make it easier for me to read and respond to your emails. Thanks!

Links discussed in this video (If I missed any, please tell me in the comments and I’ll come back and add them).

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  1. I know you are snowed under by all the questions you have had. I am not really good on computer so it might not have reached you but if you get a chance, I asked about the top and bottom crusts on all my baked goods. They all come out sticky. Any help will be appreciated. I do not have sound on my computer, it is old like me. I hope to get enough income tax back to get a new one. Thanks for all your wonderful recipes and bits of knowledge. Vonnie

    1. Hey Vonnie! This bothered me all night because I thought I had done so good not missing any questions 🙂 I went back and looked and I don’t see any emails from you. Can you make sure it sent? If it comes in, I’ll put it in the next video. Thanks so much!

      1. No, it wasn’t just about apple pie. Everything I bake, muffins, cakes and pies all come out with soft, sticky crusts on top and bottom. I hope there is a fix. I have just about given up on baking and I loveeeee sweets. Thank you so much. The problem is that I did not send an e mail. I commented on your comment section So sorry.

        1. Since it is everything, it has to be something with your pans, a common ingredients, or your oven I would think. I’m gonna ask some random questions here that may seem silly 🙂
          Are you using vegetable oil, shortening, or spray to grease things with? If you’re using something different (like coconut oil or such) that might be it.
          Are all of your pans the same kind? If so, that might be it. Try new pans. It really sounds like it is a pan issue with the bottoms and sides being sticky. I’ve never had this happen.
          And lastly, get a thermometer for your oven and hang it in there and preheat to 350 then check and see if the thermometer says 350. Ovens often get “off” in temp and I don’t think this would be the cause of all of your problems but it could certainly contribute to a small degree.
          A lot of pans these days have nonstick coating and I have really gotten away from using those. I get stainless steel or aluminum pans and they work really well.
          I hope some of this helps. Without being there, seeing you bake, and tasting the products I am afraid it’s just a guess on my part.

  2. Christy,

    I enjoy your site, books and videos. I enjoy watching all of your videos, whether they were the answers to our questions, or the how to’s or the talks you’ve had with other people.

    My kids watch your videos where you are reading children’s books.

    My 9 yr old son, loves reading your cookbooks, and picking out things for us to make. Whenever I make one of your recipes from the site, I let them know it’s from Christy.

    You truly make my day at work whenever you have a post. I’m enjoying your mother’s posts as well.

    Even though there is every chance in the world that we will never meet, I feel like we are family.

    This is truly your calling in life. Not only do you give common sense instructions for cooking, you share what’s on your heart concerning the world, where it is headed, where we’ve been, the struggles that we all share, and how to cope with it all. You give the word of GOD to us, and you share the JOY there is, in knowing HIM.

    May GOD bless you and keep you.

  3. Enjoyed the video and all the tips. Love Southern Plate. Have both books and when I cannot find a recipe I need in one of them, I go to the website and do a search. Gave all my nieces your latest cb for Christmas and have encouraged them to read your blog.

    I forwarded the picture you posted of your Mom in the big red chair to the mother of the owner of B and B Corner Stop.


  4. Im new to your site, but loved this video! I would be one of those people that would love to watch how you make biscuits. Just sayin…..:D

  5. Thanks for the informative video. The tip about spreading the meringue to the edge and over was helpful. Also liked the reading and flash cards suggestions. Enjoyed your videos very much.

  6. Where did you get those cards! They would be great for my 3 children. Loved the video and a cooking demo would be so much fun to watch have a super day!

      1. Thanks so much!! I came to your book signing in Greenville last spring. I did not get to meet you because of my youngest just need to go home, but I so enjoyed listening to you! Keep up the awesome job that y’all are doing god bless!

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