Answering Questions Part 3 :)

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In this video I answer readers questions sent in to a special email address I set up just for that purpose. I’ll be sending the email out again to subscribers soon so make sure you sign up for my newsletter if you’d like it. I don’t post it publicly on the internet to keep it free from spam and make it easier for me to read and respond to your emails. Thanks!

Links discussed in this video (If I missed any, please tell me in the comments and I’ll come back and add them).

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  1. No Crickets! As much as I love to hear them sing, I would HATE to not get these great chats from you!! I have to finish watching this one! I’ve been a bit behind this week. That is just fine! God had other plans for things for us to do and I’m very ok with that! Can’t wait to hear more about the PIE!!! More soon!
    Love, Carol 🙂

      1. ANYTIME Christy! Oh, and it doesn’t fail often that if I’m up at 4:00 am, I’m thinking of my Grandmother and yours, and praying over your and yours. Loved this film, thank you for making it and sharing with us! Oh oh, and I’m so excited to know about the other homeschooling things. I’ve already shared that with some friends. (You know I was homeschooled 8-12, my brother was ALWAYS homeschooled, and 2 of my cousins were homeschooled all but 2 years. It is GREAT and I wouldn’t have traded that for anything!

        Love, Carol 🙂

  2. Hi Christy!
    I love all your videos. You are so pretty and your hair is gorgeous!!! I got a big laugh out of you saying you dressed up but had on yoga pants and no shoes. You are such a hoot.

    I love, love, love the Lipton Southern Sweet Tea with splenda. I had never heard of it but last year saw a pic you posted on Instagram when you bought some. I went searching the very next day and I found some at Sam’s and only bought one box because I was afraid I wouldn’t like it. Well the next day I went BACK to Sam’s and bought about 20 boxes! It is SO good. (And you are right it is so hard to find.) The only problem I have is I am the only sweet tea drinker in my family (yeah the others are weird, right?) so the gallon bags are a bit to much. I like my tea fresh so I make a new gallon every couple days and it kills me to pour all that tea out! I really like tea but I can’t drink a gallon in two days. lol!

    I am embarassed to ask this question but I noticed on the tea box that it expires in a couple of months and I still have A LOT of tea left. My thought is it’s just tea and as long as the boxes haven’t been opened it should be ok. But I am new to drinking splenda and am not sure if it gets a wonky taste if it gets old. Good grief am I making any sense at all??? It is early in the morning and I think my brain is still asleep.

    Thank you for the videos and keep them coming! And I really hope that biscuit video turns out ok cause girl I really need some help in that department!

  3. Christy, thank you for the video. I just “binge watched” all three of them as my husband was watching basketball and feel like I had a wonderful visit with a friend. I grew up in Alabama and several of your explanations brought back memories, particularly the syrup, butter and biscuit story. I have always said “you can take the girl out of Alabama but you can’t take the Alabama out of the girl.” I think that is why I enjoy your stories and recipes so much because they remind me of home even though I have not lived there in 50 years. Keep passing the torch!

  4. Another great video- love how you keep things real 🙂 Thanks for posting the links as well- I’m heading to check out some of the recipes! Blessings to you!

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